Tuning Into The Divine

Tuning Into The DivineBy Jafree Ozwald

In each moment of life, we are constantly tuning ourselves like a radio, to our favorite station, or our not so favorite station.  Playing the inner music that we like or don’t like in the Universe.  Whatever our experience of life is, we are either in a harmony or a dis-harmony with our life.

We make bold attempts everyday to find the "right" frequency, thinking that THEN we will find happiness.  The fact however is that happiness is not found through having the "correct" thoughts, its found when we tune into the silence that is beneath them.  It’s the silence in between the notes that actually makes the music.  When we are tuned into this silent space we are relaxing and resonating WITH the Universe. The most amazing experiences are available in each moment.  Just stop…relax and listen closely to the stillness beneath it all.  Life is offering itself fully for you to consume it and let it radiate through you! 

It’s good to remember that even if you don’t see or feel any kind of divine spiritual energy, it is still always there and available.  Simply concentrate on just being here now, and allow yourself to receive what is "here now" in your life.  A higher vibration and consciousness will begin to bubble up and come through.  Everywhere you look you’ll then find that everything and everyone contains this higher consciousness.  The world is always our mirror.  The instant you allow yourself to receive this, you automatically move into harmony with your inner and outer world.  

When you are fully committed to seeing the truly sacred and divine energy within all beings, (including yourself) then you will feel connected with something incredibly Divine.  This is the sacred art of consciously attuning yourself into your greatest potentiality.  This is where communication with others becomes communion.  With practice you will soon see that every moment of your day, you are truly alive and enjoying the ride!  

Have an amazing and enlightening day!Jafree Ozwald

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"Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing."  ~Helen Keller

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