Unlimited Pleasure is Available Now

Unlimited Pleasure is Available NowBy Jafree Ozwald

The greatest pleasure in life comes from surrendering to what is here now.  In this moment is the transformation from trying, doing and achieving into purely being.  Right now you can have all the good feelings, love and safety you can imagine.  It is all available now, within your mindbody.  There exists a unique source of pleasure inside you that is without boundaries and is actually ever-present and permanent. This is the ultimate pleasure of pure being.

The ‘normal’ pleasures that you’re used to experiencing everyday happen ‘because’ of something outside of your body.  Whether it be a compliment, chocolate ice cream, or a hug, you’ve been conditioned to find these from outside your body.  In buying something you see or being with someone who you think will give you happiness, you get an instant or so of satisfying joy and gratification, then merely fall back into the illusion that you are powerless in producing that pleasure from within your bodymind at any time or place.

Once you confine ourself to this ever-present moment, you know you are totally complete, whole and healed…just as you are!!

This moment right now is a very sacred moment.   See that the illusions of your mind that are blocking you from accessing your true unlimited pleasure; the pleasure of your infinite being!  Remember, you are not this brain, body, or mind, you are a soul that does not die.  Relax into this message at a cellular level.  Send it into every atom in your bodymind and let it sink into your core.  It is a Universal truth that will help set you free.

This ultimate pleasure comes on it’s own accord by being simply with everything that is.  Remember that you can relax right now.  You have full permission!  You don’t need anything to happen so that you can relax.  You can simply choose to let go.  As you consciously choose to slow down, stop and relax you will find this ultimate pleasure seeping in.  Start with relaxing your feet, eyes and hands, just take a few moments to release any tension and notice who is this ‘being’ inside your body. The deeper you relax inside, the more you can unravel the mind’s hidden fears and doubts and release all this suffering you’ve been tolerating this whole time!

The deeper you can relax and dive within yourself, the easier you can focus on what all is truly within your being.  Don’t focus on what is outside your body.  You can only know yourself on an intimate and spiritual level by going within. The deeper you can experience what is simply inside you now, the more likely you’ll meet and merge with the ever-flowing eternal river of goodness, love and peace which is always at the core of your being.  Dive in, bliss is here now.  Go straight for your core and do not stop for anything, only here will you find it.

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