Use Everything to Find God

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Use Everything To Find God   

Written by Jafree Ozwald

“If you can’t see God in all, you can’t see God at all.” ~Unknown

We are all so deeply consumed by the world everyday. The moment we open our eyes in the morning, the mind kicks in and we are flooded with all sorts of beliefs, emotions and desires. It can become very easy in this day and age to feel overwhelmed, lost or confused, We are constantly dealing with a massive amount of information and social pressure every day. Pressure with finances, relationships, love life, family, work, and health problems are at the foundation, and then there’s our newly found technological relationships with the cell phone, internet, and texting. We may spend half our day just trying to figure out how to get through it alive. This technological era we are in is so captivating that we can easily miss out on the connection with our amazing spiritual existence.

If we were surrounded everyday by people whose only interest was in achieving enlightenment, our world would be very very different. Yet, we have chosen a planet where everyone is still deeply asleep to their divine enlightened nature. In fact, we are all soooo asleep that we don’t even know that we are asleep. Every human being is sleepwalking through this life, meaning that we are always plugged into the mind. The veil is so thick and the pattern is soooo deep that we need to use everything we’ve got to wake up. This means using everything you can find outside of you, and inside of you.

“Any real ecstasy is a sign you are moving in the right direction, don’t let any prude tell you otherwise.” ~ St Teresa of Avila

So my golden suggestion for you this week is this; Use everything around you to find God. Use every conversation as a vehicle to listen to the Divine. Use all your senses everywhere you go. Touch, taste, feel, hear and even breathe in the smell of the Divine! Use every moment of your free time to find deep silence, stillness, and inner peace so you can connect deeper with the Divine. Use the media and all that excessive advertising that is constantly dumped on you to find God. When you read something that jumps out at you, try to notice how it’s spiritual message just for you.

When you feel like you might be making some form of connection to God, breathe that feeling deeply into your body. Stop everything and give this experience all that you’ve got, cause it might not last long!  Notice how the feeling resonates with what’s going on in your life. Find the practical aspects like, “How does this simple billboard advertisement give me the deepest guidance I’m needing in my relationships right now?” There are no coincidences. God is already always around you. We only have synchronicity in this life. Everything is perfect and divinely aligned. The God Source never ever makes mistakes. When you are 100% devoted to finding total alignment with the Divine in everything around you, the magic will its way into you.

Since I was launched on my spiritual path at age 25, I’ve discovered one thing about the spiritual awakening process that is certain. If you want access to the most amazing spiritual experiences in life, it is going to take everything you’ve got. The enlightened state is definitely not like anything you’ve experienced before. There are no more problems in your life anymore. There are only deeper and deeper connections with the Divine.

Enlightenment is not for the half-ass skeptical seeker, the protective pessimist, or the mind addict that is super smart intellectual. It’s for that ordinary being who has devoted their entire heart and soul to something beyond this world. It’s for that simple soul who wants to create the deepest healthiest relationship with themselves and the God Source.  The biggest difference of all perhaps, is that their connection with God is their highest priority all throughout the day.

“True love, my dear, is putting an ironclad grip upon the soft, swollen balls of a divine rogue elephant and not having the good fortune to die!” ~Hafiz

So, are you open to exploring your connection with the Divine this week? Chances are that you’re probably wondering what’s the right way how to do it, or are feeling hesitant, reluctant, or thinking that maybe this week is not the right time. There will always be super important things which you need to do. Yet, the reality is that your soul has been waiting for real spiritual liberation for lifetimes and lifetimes {name}. Yes, you have been preparing for a profound spiritual experience forever.

You are here my friend to let go of everything and find your real connection to the Divine again. You’ve been learning major life lessons after major life lessons, tilling the hard tough inner soil inside you, just so that one day your soul could find some higher enlightened state of being. You were born to find some way home to yourself, so your mind is always free from all fear, resistance, stagnation and separation. The enlightened mindset just happens when you return to the pure source of awareness that is behind the mind. When you discover the awareness behind every thought that you’re thinking, you come closer to the most sacred intelligence in the Universe. This is who you truly are.

The funny thing is that there is only one tiny thing stopping you from seeing, feeling, and knowing that God is here now. This is your own mind. The mind is soooo full of personal beliefs and ideas about life that there’s not much room for anything else. It is overflowing so much that we have become blind to God. Watch out for the mind. It is the only thing stopping you right now.

I want you to try something this week. The next time you are in front of a mirror, look non-judgmentally into the mirror. Just notice, what do you see? Do you see how amazing, multi-dimensional and extremely beautiful you truly are? Or do you see all of your flaws and shortcomings? If the mind is not set aside, we can only see and hear what it thinks is good and bad. The mind can be extremely judgmental and this is pure entertainment for the ego. We hate being bored, so we cling to all sorts of opinions about right and wrong.

As long as you are over-identified with and attached to opinions of good/bad, you cannot spiritually awaken.  Just remember that all of life is a grand play, and the nature of the mind is to create contrasts and comparisons. The mind doesn’t like the grey middle path. When the mind is too empty, it seeks something juicy to fill it. Let go of filling up the mind and find the spiritual being that you are. This is in silence and stillness within.  Interestingly, the heart is not judgmental at all. The heart only loves, accepts and embraces what is. So don’t trust the mind, trust your heart instead. Be free of the mind and just remain in the heart. You will soon in time find the Divine.

“And this is a miracle: the moment that you realize that there is no way to make a home, then this whole existence is home. Then wherever you are, you are at home.” ~Course in Miracles

Everyday we get lost in a sea of duality. Expect the pendulum to swing back and forth from being lost to being found, again and again. Your mind is not the only mind out there that is making a living hell or heaven out of each moment. everyone is doing this. We are all blind to the Divine, we simply have to learn how to release all attachments, trust in God, and surrender to it’s totality. When we take this risk to dissolve back into the source, in each moment we naturally discover how everything around us is helping and guiding us to be free.

The good news is that we’ve got a billion more lifetimes to become enlightened. God is never ever going to stop loving us. The bad news is that if postpone, you’ll miss out on the one thousand opportunities heading your way today. There’s no real end to this journey. You don’t die when you die, so truly there is nothing to be concerned about. When you realize you are an eternal being, what’s there to be worried or fearful about? You’re on an infinite journey. You are always safe and on the right path. You’ve made it this far and you are still a very conscious and deeply sensitive being. This is a very good sign.

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Jafree Ozwald

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