What Are You Devoted To?

What Are You Devoted To?By Jafree Ozwald & Margot Zaherwww.EnlightenedBeings.com Life without something or someone to be devoted to can become a meaningless and purposeless dry existence.  Without devotion we may feel like each day is robotic, boring, and void of passion.  Becoming devoted to something or someone is taking that next step beyond being committed.  Commitment is the first initial step of the mind, and devotion is the second step from the heart.  When we become devoted, we become full of love and our heart becomes alive with passion for life!  We truly become unstoppable.  We dissolve into our desires and allow our passion and inspiration to become our guiding lights.  Devotion is a true love affair with LIFE that is merging and melting our ego into the divine existence all around us.   The greatest fear around being devoted to someone or something is that you’ll lose yourself in it.  Yet, the ironic thing is that this is the entire purpose and JOY of becoming devoted!  When you let go of who you think you are (or were yesterday) and totally lose yourself in the experience, you become truly ALIVE.  Devotion is completely losing yourself in the experience.  How else can you truly find yourself unless you lose yourself?  The ship cannot discover new lands until it finally leaves the harbor.  You cannot discover a new divine experience until you leave your comfort zone.  When you say NO to doubt, worry, and fear, you have the power, insight, and courage to become devoted.  Devotion leads you to the greatest freedom in the Universe, just so that you can discover the Divine being you truly are.  "Devotion is simply losing all the boundaries that divide you from existence–it is the death of the personality and the highest form of love.  He who is devoted knows no beginning and no end. He dances in the waves of the ocean, he dances in the trees, in the sun, and with the stars. His heart responds to the fragrance of the flowers, to the song of the birds, to the silences of the night.   Devotion happens between one individual and the whole existence."  ~Osho Take 5 minutes today and think about what you are devoted to in your life.  If you cannot find anything, then create something!  What is worthy of being devoted to?  Look at what it FEELS like to allow yourself to be devoted 100% to something or someone, and not just go halfway.  Notice the difference inside yourself when you are devoted verses when you are committed to it.  What is the difference for you?  Then, make an extensive list of all the things you are devoted to, whether it is being in love, having an abundance of money, total freedom, divine creativity, your friend, soul mate, mom, or dad.  Describe exactly what it is that you are devoted to experiencing.  Whatever you focus on grows and whatever you are devoted to grows exponentially, so choose wisely and have FUN! Experience a profound shift in your life by devoting yourself to learning the secrets to Manifesting your heart’s desires!  Download the NEW Super Manifesting Package today at: www.EnlightenedBeings.com/super-manifesting-package.html Many blessings, Jafree www.EnlightenedBeings.com

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