What Is An Enlightened Being?

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What Is An Enlightened Being?

By Jafree Ozwald

“Unless you become a buddha (an awakened being) you have not lived at all, because you will not know the great poetry of life, the great music of existence.” ~Osho

This life is filled with so many wondrous things.  Every direction you look, the Universe is offering something amazing and new to experience, explore and discover.  There is this genuine sweetness to life that continuously opens you, and fills you up, so that no matter what is going on in the outer world, you can access a cosmic connection that opens your heart and awakens your soul.  Every moment of life has the potential to be deeply enjoyed.  They say that the “kingdom of god” is found within and they are right.  We are all here to discover this heavenly presence inside ourselves every second of our lives.  We are here to bathe in the sensual succulence of our soul, and feel what its like to be showered with love, acceptance and appreciation 24 hours a day.  This is the first direction to becoming a true living master of your life.

As I describe the qualities of an “enlightened being“, I invite you to imagine that these qualities are already inside you.  They already are, yet perhaps they may have fallen asleep.  Like seeds that were was planted long ago, they just need some nourishment to sprout. Once these young sprouts have established roots in you, they’ll grow deeper and create a firm foundation in a more “enlightened reality”.  This is the sacred inner work of which any enlightened being has done.  They have devoted their life to nourishing their internal soil.  They’ve composted the weeds, brought sunlight to their sprouts, helped deepen their roots, and allowed themselves to harvest the nutrients which each plant has to offer.  Their level of dedication to their inner garden is so profound that everything else in life becomes illusory and seems to take the back row.

The enlightened being is a natural person, a normal human being just like you and me, yet this person has become so intimately connected with Nature that they have realized something extremely profound.  They know they are not separate from the Universe on any level, yet are a living breathing divine expression of it.  The enlightened being has discovered the deepest intimacy with life, and this intimate connection is integrated in their everyday existence.  It is coursing through their breath and the marrow of their bones.

This intimacy with existence is so powerful that there is not one ounce of fear left in the enlightened being.  They love and accept life as it is, seeing the world as a mirror, reflecting the thoughts they think.  They understand that no one as separate from the divine multi-faced reflection of their Self showing up in 7 billion different disguises. They realize we are all unique individuals operating as one. This sacred understanding is why an enlightened being has real compassion for every living thing in this world.

At the deepest level, the enlightened being has found a profound sense of peace with all that is.  They live in a constant state of acceptance of all the darkness and lightness found in life.  They do not judge others, themselves or this world, for they know that is just a limited narrowed perspective on the truth of existence.  They know they are an infinite soul on an eternal journey, that has no boundaries on space or time.  The enlightened being can live in this 3D world, without attachment to this dualistic paradigm, and feel connected with their spiritual permanence.  In this spiritual dimension is where they are free and feel the deepest love known to humankind.  It is this connection with the divine within, that causes them to accept all that is in life and totally enjoy the experience of being alive.

The enlightened being is a highly sensitive super sensual person.  They are so open, vulnerable, and present to the living pulse of the life force all around them, its as if they never left their mothers womb.  They are living in this sensual connection with life, in harmony with every breath they inhale. It’s as if they are the womb itself, receiving the heartbeat of new life, constantly nourishing life and being nourished by existence.

The enlightened being has awakened from the dream.  They have accepted the reality as it is.  The self-imposed boundaries, mental walls and personal limitations which they created in the past are no longer entertaining games to play on the infinite field of life anymore.  They can see that all thoughts and beliefs are illusionary obstacles generated by the mind, and that the real truth is so big it cannot be contained by the mind.  They know they could spend lifetimes trying to overcome these obstacles to appease the ego and attain a new experience of growth, yet they choose the path of total liberation from ego instead.

  The ego of the enlightened being is no longer running the show anymore.  There is a faint memory that is as tangible as their own shadow on the ground which is behind them, following the trace of the form wherever it may go.  They know the soul is in charge, and the guidance given by it is so clear it can be heard in the middle of the loudest rock concert.  There is nothing that an enlightened being cannot understand, experience or do.  There is no mountain too challenging to summit on their inner world, and no desire they cannot manifest in their outer world.

  An enlightened beings is always living in alignment with the totality of their life.  They’ve realized their true spiritual nature, and have integrated this awareness into every step and breath they take. They’ve understood they are powerful because they are connected to the infinite existence.  They know the core beliefs and agreements they make with reality become the laws in which the Universe instantly follow. The enlightened being understands the true nature of reality, and thus are choosing to live in complete harmony with everything that is. They see how they are synchronisticaly creating their lives from a blank canvas and that everything is predestined on their journey.  The meeting grounds between these two paradigms contributes to bringing such a deep peace inside.

When someone meets with an enlightened being, a calming stillness remains with them throughout the day.  An aura of peace, gratitude and joy for life continues wherever they are.  You can feel the healing calming energy immediately when an enlightened being enters a room.  The deep penetrating wisdom they convey takes the mind beyond anything you could ever find on google.  You can know you’ve met with an enlightened being by the level of heart energy that they emanate.  The love pouring out of the enlightened heart has no limitations on what it can love.  It is in love with existence itself, and this love is reflected back in the intimate connection with every being they encounter.  The true enlightened being is constantly loved by people because they recognize this love is inside everything and are sharing this understanding with everyone.   There is a great humble presence this knowledge creates within themselves.

 The enlightened being has realized we are the source of love itself.  An enlightened being is not in need of love, they are the eternal radiance of consciousness everlasting.  They experience this entire life as a loving devotion to God, and see how love is constantly revealing itself in every person, thought and thing in the Universe.  This is why an ordinary day for an enlightened being contains moment to moment extraordinary experiences.  The realization that everything is God runs deep in their bones.  This knowledge causes every movement, action and gesture that make radiate even more love into the world.  Since they see love is all around them all the time, they are no defensive, possessive or protective of anything.   They feel such a closeness with the infinite light of love that you can feel the warmth from their heart, and their eyes seem to shine and sparkle.

An enlightened being realizes that the everything and everyone in this world is here to awaken and enlighten you further on your path.  They sees every experience of life as their greatest teacher.  They meet each experience that arises with curiosity, appreciation and acceptance.  This is what truly makes them into the master of their lives.  The enlightened being greets their inner demons with reverence, thanking them for their invitation to walk down the road into suffering again, knowing that energy is rich with nutrients for deeper healing and realizations.

The enlightened being does not take themselves or life too seriously.  They instead choose to play with the children rathen than philosophize with the over responsible adults.  They’d rather skip lightly and freely down the to the local store, and the new liberating long road back home.  The enlightened being walks their own path to greater liberation by helping others find the freedom within themselves.  They become a living breathing example for others to find the truth within.  The enlightened being has entered the kingdom of god and has become this awesome expansive healing energy itself. They have stopped reacting out of fear, control, demand, or the ego’s constant need.  What interests them more is effortlessly responding to everything and everyone with an authentic conscious heartfelt presence.

 Believe it or not, the enlightened state is your most natural state of being.  The reason you may not experience this is because the mind has simply gotten in the way.  It has formulated a set of beliefs about who you are and who you are not.  These beliefs block this enlightened experience from coming through.  Enlightenment is as natural to life as breathing. The inhalation and exhalation of your breath just happens to you, you don’t have to do anything for breathing to occur.  The body is naturally in it, and its not just breathing for you, it is breathing you.  You are the very life force movement itself, and there can never be a separation from this life force at anytime.  It takes a very relaxed quiet mind to understand this, and truly feel how the breath moving through you has a life of its own.  This is just like the enlightened state of being.   It is self-sustaining and self generating, just like the Sun.  There is nothing that can stop it or snuff it out, by simply bringing your attention to it you realize it is already here now.

My invitation is for you to take a few practical steps this week into experiencing the enlightened being within you.  Make it a priority to water the new sprouts you are growing within.  Use your time wisely, honor your true infinite nature, and know you are an eternal being without boundaries.  Let yourself fall in love with this all powerful divine being you already are.  Keep the mind quiet and relax the body as much as possible.  When the mind is truly calm, quiet and at peace with “what is”, you can effortlessly slip into this blissful sweet enlightened state.  It is much easier to do in a mind that is beyond fear.  Make a special personal sacred time just for yourself everyday to go deeper inside in your exploration of finding peace with what is.  The more often you water and feed this little sprout within yourself, the easier it is for the enlightened state to take over your life.

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Sending lots of love and lightness,
Jafree Ozwald

“There are no accidents or coincidences in this world. Nothing is by chance. Everything you’re experiencing is a direct manifestation of where you’re focusing your energy, attention and consciousness.” ~ Jafree Ozwald

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