What Is Real Love

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What Is Real Love

 Written by Jafree Ozwald

“If love be not the law of our being, the whole of my arguments falls to pieces.” ~Gandhi

I find that there are basically two types of love in this world, real love and false love.  Real love has a quality about it that makes our hearts instantly open and relax. There’s a spiritual energy about real love, that feels like we all have an infinite amount of time, joy and energy to give away. Real love is the most healing feeling we can have. It has an abundance of trusting energy and an exquisite sensation of accepting everything in our lives.  Real love gives everything of itself to life, never holding back.  It gives fully without conditions, always thinking “How can I help?” instead of thinking “What’s in it for me?”

False love, on the other hand, wants to be like real love, yet has an egoic mask it’s hiding behind. This mask can only think in terms of “What’s in it for me?” and believes that this approach will give it happiness in the end. It chooses to help others out of duty, a feeling of “I have to”, and obligation.  It believes that it’s doing the right thing, yet is blind to the fact that through obligation its not actually enjoying it’s life. This false ego based love is missing out on a more honest, vulnerable and selfless approach. It has nothing to do with generosity, appreciation, or real giving.  It’s energy comes from scheming, planning, wanting, wishing and hoping that it manifests what it wants.  It can only think about its own needs instead of what’s best for the whole.

Deep down inside, all this false love wants is to find the source of real love.  It’s tired of being a fake and wants what is real and true.  It’s ready to stop hiding behind fear, insecurity and selfishness.  It wants to be free from constantly feeling less than enough.  This false love means well, yet it’s mask unknowingly creates more feelings of separation which makes it even more unworthy of love.  Once the ego finds the courage to remove the mask it’s wearing, it can stop repeating it’s dull unfulfilling life, and step out of it’s darkness and into the light.

Removing the mask we are wearing allows us to start loving those unlovable parts in others, which they also believe are not lovable.  Doing this, we gain the ability to love those unlovable aspects within ourselves.  From this selfless place of loving and accepting whatever is inside others, we inadvertently heal ourselves.  We find a selfless quality of love that feels truly powerful, courageous and patient above all.  There is a natural inclination to be kind with everyone, and give as much as we can without feeling depleted. This path is real freedom, as it unmistakably brings out the best in everyone, making their heart’s open to sing.

“And still, after all this time, the Sun has never said to the Earth, “You owe me.” Look what happens with love like that. It lights up the sky.” ― Hafiz

When we meditate on what real love is, we discover that which is unchanging and never dies. We stop being attached to what is not real, and find out what is real. We discover that the mind is not in charge, and the soul actually is.  Through meditating on the source of real love, we transcend the perpetual swing of good and bad contradictions in the mind. The hypocritical thoughts cease to occur, and we awaken to a reality that has no criticisms about what we do or who we are.

Real love is that genuine movement of our soul in action. It is the most powerful healing energy in the Universe, that can instantly transform everyone and everything. It instantly liberates any fearful, revengeful or negative energy we may be caught in.  Real love turns every heavy personal issue that we’re facing into one filled with a soft liberating lightness. The moment we open up our hearts to real love we feel reborn, and a true magical alchemy takes place. Without this real love we are lost, and our busy lives feel like they are constantly falling apart as fast as we can put them together. With real love, we become the glue which holds everything together in its perfect place.

 No matter whether we are battling with depression, anxiety, fear, or loneliness, this sweet soft healing force of real love is always there and alive inside of us.  It arises in our heart naturally, with a simple patient request for it to come forth.  By quietly asking real love to be more present in our lives, we will find that it spontaneously arises on it’s own accord. Love hears our thirsty call and beckons us to meet it at it’s deepest abyss.

By trusting in real love, and making it our leading guide, we can relax about living this life.  We are led to freedom each day, feeling the sweet surrender of our ego’s grip, that thinks life has to be a specific way.  Life is not about getting all our personal needs met. There is something more important than obsessing about our own desires, and fulfilling the desires of others. We are here to discover the deepest peace of our soul, find that unending state of gratitude and sacred appreciation for what is. With real love there is a sensation of always being guided towards this. We are innocently led on the perfect path to the highest destination, and can feel that whatever we choose to do we will be safe and provided for along the way.

 At the core of your being you are The Source of Love itself.  Your body is a natural loving machine which is designed to experience all the greatest pleasures in this world. It is super sensitive vehicle that has magical qualities. When this body of magical love becomes the center of our lives, we start seeing the divinity that is all around us. We understand each moment holds the most perfect conditions and ingredients for our soul’s highest awakening.  There is no effort in making things happen in our lives, our highest manifestations naturally show up. We know we are all powerful beings who are fearlessly guided every single breath of the way.  By realizing the source of love inside our hearts, we know that anything and everything is possible.

By allowing our hearts to be guided by gentleness, we discover the source of real love.  The interactions we have with others become opportunities to evolve, heal and rejuvenate ourselves. This love invokes us to live our greatest possible life, and discover what it is our heart is truly after. When real love takes precedence over the ego, we stop hiding from life and start taking more risks to open up to others.  We may allow ourselves to “fall in love” with someone and then later “rise in love” because we trust that the unconditional friendship of real love will always be there.

Real love is that missing sweet nutrient which allows our life purpose to sprout, blossom and become fully self realized. It’s what makes the heart open, the mind relax, and the emotions deep enough so everything becomes crystal clear about why we are here.  Real love teaches us by example what we are supposed to do with our time here.  By opening our heart to feeling the simple soft sweet loving energy all around us each day, we will find a peace, compassion and spiritual depth that satiates our every human desire.  With real love as our greatest guide, we naturally bring out the highest joy in others, which causes us to find even more joy within ourselves.

“This is love: to fly toward a secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment. First to let go of life. Finally, to take a step without feet.” ~ Rumi

Real love is always here, shining behind it all. It is easily accessed inside you from a truly open and surrendered heart. It’s always available, whenever we need it.  When we rediscover that love is our essential nature, our heart is transformed into a vessel of forgiveness that assists all of humanity, touching the lives of everyone we meet.  The greatest miracle of all occurs. People can no longer be with us and remain stuck in their darkness.  They must transcend their contracted state, and can no longer hurt themselves. Their heart yearns to find this real love as well, and becomes a conduit for the greatest freedom. They find infinite compassion, eternal patience, and stop demanding that things be different than what they are.  They instead move naturally closer towards their own heart, finding the real path of joy, appreciation and zero resistance.

Simply through loving all the different parts of ourselves, we soon discover that we are the Source of real love.  We stop entertaining the movies of the neurotic mind, and no longer identify with our victim stories.  We find it more appealing to focus on that sacred spark within us which is truly divine. The most enlightening experience of our lives is found through loving what is. Loving what is includes loving every aspect of ourselves.  This self loving experience is not about being self absorbed or selfish, yet simply honoring and recognizing the real divinity inside. We are seeing the greatest Truth there is to see, as we open to the nakedness about who and what we really are.

I invite you to take this moment of your life right now to relax about the greatest issue you’re currently facing.  Imagine this issue is showing up on a movie screen in front of you, and the screen is getting smaller and smaller.  The energy behind the issue is shrinking, becoming less and less real.  The movie becomes so small that you can no longer see it, and you feel it disappearing from your life. Breathe in this feeling of relief into your body.  Let yourself feel what it’s like to let it go, and let yourself love yourself instead of this issue. Let love be your guide and trust that it knows the way.

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Sending lots of love and lightness,
Jafree Ozwald


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