What it means to “Wake Up “

What It Means to Wake Up

By Jafree Ozwald


Many of us have this feeling that we are trapped in this body, caught in a negative mindset, and stuck in a certain situation in our life.  We have these repetitive thoughts and beliefs that get recycled again and again….thinking we are in some hum-drum, tick-tock, 9-5 world, and start off the day just trying to make it through the day.

What is really happening is that we are asleep, and totally unaware of the absolute divine infinite power within our innermost being.If you’ve ever wondered, “Why are we here?” and “What is the purpose of my life?” You might want to ask yourself a deeper question like, “What is it like to completely wake up?”  When you get interested, intrigued, and eventually obcessed with the idea of what waking up is all about, you will manifest this amazing mind-blowing experience that transcends your everyday suffering.

Quieting the mind and diving directly into your infinite spiritual connection with Source is what it really means to “wake up”.Many people will never understand the divine energy and great power that is buried deep within them.  They don’t believe there is anything else to this world other than the problems that are facing them today.  They are too busy being concerned and worried about the details of their life’s situation, and trying to get what they think will make them happy.  Getting what you want only makes you happy temporarily.

What I’m pointing at here is an eternal state of joy and appreciation for what is here now.  It is available, right here, right now.To enlighten your life to the next level of consciousness, you’ll need to do something dramatically different to shift out of the old mindset of thinking.   One experience that is guaranteed to transform your life in amazing ways, is to do the 8 habits manifesting routine for 90 days straight.  Your life will become completely new, passionate and awakened!  By this summer you will have stepped into that place that is intimately connected with the beyond.

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