What Love Is

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What Love Is…

By Jafree


Love is infinitely patient and intentionally kind.

It is the deep sweet nectar found inside your very soul.

Love is this softness that opens your heart and quiets your mind.

It accepts every aspect of who you are and who you are not.

Love knows you, believes in you, and clearly

sees exactly where you are in your life.

Love has no limitations on what is

and is not acceptable inside you.

There are no boundaries around what love

can and cannot approve of.

 It welcomes all your parts,

inviting in the worst aspects of you

with a warm fuzzy heart and joyous sparkling eyes.

Love is the light that shines the way

in the darkest hour of our lives.

It ignites the fire that guides our spiritual path,

 beckoning us to rise up and out from our darkest misery

to surrender and merge with great healing source of our being.

 Love is always fearless, always courageous, and always present.

It is never wrong, never misguided, and is never ever afraid.

 It is the perfect state that cannot be improved upon.

It is always accessible, always available,

and always always here now.

Love is always generous, completely abundant,

and constantly giving to others as well to itself.

It is like the Sun, an inexhaustible outpouring of life energy

that shares it’s bliss for the pure exhilarating joy of it.

It is the eternal, infinite, inexhaustible source of life.

Love says you deserve even more love,

especially when you don’t feel worthy of it.

 It invites you to surrender all your resistance,

and remember how perfect, sacred and

utterly lovable you truly are.

Love feels all of your pain with you,

holding your hand through your life’s most

panicked moments and never letting go.

 Love honors your deepest wounds,

helping you to see how they are your greatest teachers.

 It is absolute empathy, sympathy and has

the most profound compassion possible for you.

Love breaks down the walls of what we think is not possible.

It inspires us to step into our life mission and highest potentiality.

 Love is the flame that ignites the great bonfire within us,

needed to burn through our limiting beliefs

so we can manifest the most amazing life imaginable.

Love is the most amazing experience

that we can have in this entire Universe.

It is the most gentle exquisite feeling, 

that is conscious, sacred, sweet and tender.

 It holds you so softly, and with such a strength

that it sends tingles all the way up your spine.

Love is the cure for every physical disease,

every mental illness and unbearable

emotional wounding we may have.

Love opens and relaxes every tension,

immediately liberating us from all anxiety and worry.

Invoking love into our body it heals us instantly

awakening every cell to remember absolute perfection.

Love is the doorway to eternal life.

Love is devotion itself, fully committed 

 to expanding our hearts into our lives.

Love is the deepening and softening of our breath

that awakens the healing purpose of our soul.

It is the permanent authentic smile within us,

forever giggling at our worries,

knowing the deepest possible joy

is the foundation of our existence.

Love paves the path for the greatest

 orgasmic experience of our lives.

It transforms ordinary sex into a sacred healing experience.

Love unites lovers to merge and melt into the one Divine Source.

It is the most personal, intimate,

and deeply sensual experience we can have.

Love is the spiritual energy that brings

the highest form of life into existence.


What is love for you?

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Much love,



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