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What to Give your Life ToBy Jafree Ozwald www.EnlightenedBeings.com

So what truly is important to you?  Is it more about having something, doing something or being someone? Perhaps you want to have a fulfilling career, an intimate relationship, a great orgasm, or just plenty of money to relax and enjoy the rest of your life? These are all wonderful things, and truly worthy of devoting your life to, yet we invite you to dig a little deeper today and see what your soul is really longing for. What would an infinite divine soul such as yours truly yearn to experience?

Everyone has the choice of what they do with their time and where they focus their attention with each new day allotted here on Earth. You always have the choice in each moment what you want to focus on, dwell upon and devote your life to. Whatever you focus on is what tends to show up in your life. Perhaps seeing this free choice is not always evident or obvious, yet it is always available and permanently here. Even ordinary moments like these can suddenly awaken you and transform what you end up experiencing and manifest into your near future.

"The Truth is the only thing you’ll ever run into that has no agenda. Everything else will have an agenda. We think there’s someplace other than here to get to when the pursuit ceases, is it possible to recognize the very substance of your own self and being." ~Adyashanti

The fascinating thing is that the Universe really doesn’t care or have an “opinion” which choice you make. It will support you 300% in whatever your decision is. It loves you no matter what you do, think, feel or forget to do. No matter what! And if you cannot choose anything, it will also support you in this experience of indecision and generously offer more options, opportunities and choices until you can truly decide. You are always free. Free to choose who you are, what you want to experience and manifest into your life in each new moment of your life.

Now, with all this freedom around, we’d like to offer you a very radical and interesting invitation. Just for today, we invite you to explore what its like to devote your life to something that is not about gratifying the ego. Meaning that your focus goes beyond having something, doing something or being someone, and is more about exploring what THIS experience of your life is right here and now. This may not make much sense to you, yet what if you could suddenly become so spiritually "awake" that you never experience another moment of suffering again? Would this be something worthy of devoting your life to exploring for one day?

Imagine what it’s like to be truly unattached to getting the ego’s desires met and simply be open to freely experiencing what shows up in each new moment. Just as an experiment, devote yourself to exploring this for one day. See what is truly satisfying to the soul when we get beyond the ego’s grasp. Give your life to being free from all thoughts, things, people, opinions and desires. When you get snagged, watch the mind, and notice where it goes. Examine what it’s seeking, and then dive deeper into this state of freedom. This exploration is always available, right here and right now, ready for you to experience. Have fun…this is your day to send the ego on a little vacation!

"When your world seems like too much to handle, just take a deep breath and laugh. It clears the mind and frees your spirit." ~Michael P. Miller

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Many blessings to you,Jafree twww.EnlightenedBeings.com

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