Whatever We Resist…Persists

Whatever We Resist…PersistsBy Jafree Ozwald & Margot Zaherwww.EnlightenedBeings.com "Thoughts are like boomerangs."  ~Eileen Caddy Have you ever continuously sent out a strong emotional thought of, "I really don’t want xyz to happen", and somehow you only attract that situation into your life?  Why is this?  If we are truly powerful manifesting beings, why do we sometimes manifest what we really don’t want to occur?  There may have a variety of personal excuses and explanations for this, yet the most basic understanding is that, "whatever we resist, will persist."  It is a paradoxical world we live in and the key to transcending it is to embrace everything and resist nothing.  The only way to master life is to be at peace with it and within it. Any time you put up an inner energetic/emotional wall and resist anything or anyone, you’ll find that your mind is fiercely focusing upon the negative aspects of what you don’t want, instead of thinking about what you really want to manifest in your life.  Vibrationally, we are like magnets and only attract that which we continuously focus upon with great emotion.  So if you can stop focusing upon something, you’ll stop resisting it and stop manifesting it.  However to control the mind takes great awareness, patience and love.  It also takes knowing your true divine infinite nature that fears absolutely nothing.  For as divine beings, we’ve all set it up so that every little thing that we focus on grows, expands and returns to us naturally like a boomerang.  You cannot get rid of your inherent manifesting magnet nature. If you could choose somehow train your mind to obsessively resist feelings of joy, love, abundance and gratitude, it’d be a fantastic way of manifesting those aspects into your life.   "Become more and more innocent, less knowledgeable and more childlike. Take life as fun – because that’s precisely what it is!" ~Osho    Perhaps you may have noticed this resistance habit show up in your relationships?  Have you ever noticed when you start to think something is "wrong" about somebody or believe that they truly "should" be more like you or different, your body instantly tightens contracts and goes into "resistance mode".  This internal rejection of life is a ridiculous attempt to protect the ego in some way and is an ignorance of our Divine Nature.  It’s good to know that your ego is like a shadow.  When you get close to it, you discover that there is nothing really there!  Sure, it seems real, yet is simply an illusionary contracted ball of festering belief systems blocking the brilliant light of your own infinite being.  When someone makes fun of you (your ego) truly nobody is under attack.  How can you attack a shadow?  The ego is a juicy, fragmented yet false figment of your mind’s imagination.  The day that you realize what your ego is, is the same moment your eyes open to see that you are truly a divine infinite blessed being.   "The real Self is eternal. It has no origin and no end. The other "I" is born and dies. It is impermanent." ~Ramana Maharishi Life is here to be explored and experienced on every level.  Even resistance is a valid experience that needs to be explored.  How else could you know what freedom was unless there was some release of resistance?  Once you discover the Divine essence that you truly are, you will be freed from who you think you are and what you usually resist.  It’s good to know that resistance is simply a subtle form of fear.  If you can embrace your fear with love, then ALL resistance dissolves.  Eventually one day you will no longer resist anything, see everything as connected to the Divine and embrace it all.  That is the day that you will have discovered the Divine Beings we all truly are and will have truly transcended all future suffering.   To be totally free from resistance is to master your mind.  The mind is easily trained when your body remains absent from fear.  If you are resisting any aspect of life, you are focusing (on some level) on what you fear.  Fear is that one thing people resist the most.  It was created by a great misunderstanding; that you are separate from a loving Infinite Source.  You can transcend all fear in your life by simply welcoming it.  This can only be done by confining yourself to the present moment when the fear arises.  Feel the fearful feeling, yet do not imprison yourself in its thoughts and feelings, go deeper…through it…and surrender to the presence of your eternal being.  Find the river of consciousness that penetrates you and surrounds you.  When you discover this river, you will find a much greater understanding of resistance and the freedom to release it.   NOTE:  You have FULL permission to share, distribute and reprint ANY material we write for your own e-zine, magazine or website as long as our articles remain complete and unaltered (including our websites and product offers at the end).  Whenever you do use an article please send a copy of your reprint to us at: Jafree-Margot@EnlightenedBeings.com  Thank you!!

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