Why the Grass Appears Greener on the Other Side

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Why the Grass Appears Greener on the Other Side  

Written by Jafree Ozwald  

“If you could only keep quiet, clear of memories and expectations, you would be able to discern the beautiful pattern of events. It is your restlessness that causes chaos.” ~Nisargadatta Maharaj

One of the greatest transformations I’ve ever experienced in my life was from meditating on the nature of the mind. Through months of internal investigation, closely watching how the mind works, why it thinks what it thinks and how it tends to repeat itself, I soon began understanding the great manifesting mystery of life on a more intimate and spiritual level. I noticed every day that no matter what I would do, my mind continued on this deep relentless search for truth, love, joy, pleasure and happiness. No matter how satisfied I was that day, hour or minute before, the mind returned to it’s old habit of yearning for something more. There is only one direction it wanted to go… to evolve, grow, expand, improve, and learn how to find ways to become more satisfied.

I realized that my mind even wanted to understand itself better, thinking that if it found a richer understanding of itself then this would finally lead to more happiness and real satisfaction. This is how convoluted the mind is, it will believe anything! I also noticed that when I felt sad, lethargic, depressed or just wanted to give up on manifesting my dream life, the mind still continued its perpetual search for some form of happiness, just on another level.

The more often I would sit back from the mind and watch it, I realized how deeply programmed it is, and that there’s really nothing that can be done about it. The mind is on a sacred holy quest, devoted to this grand divine search. At the core program, it cannot be interested in being content, relaxed, rested or supremely at peace. It prefers to be entertained by something interesting, deep, sparkly, rich, tempting, or maybe an idea that would make it feel loved, special or important.

The mind doesn’t have the capacity to rest forever in a state of happiness because if it did we would not evolve. Think about it. What if the mind was totally satisfied, what would happen to your world? Would you even look deeper into this question at all? Would you care about anything of any real meaning in life? If so, why would you? Throughout our entire lives, this seeking mechanism is one machine we cannot turn off, nor would we want to. We simply have to be deeply aware that this perpetual seeking machine is always running.

The divine design of the mind is perfect and we simply need to understand it’s perfection if we are to really enjoy life and find our spiritual journey here. We need to understand first that desire is not the cause of suffering, rather it’s our attachment to desire which holds us to the state of anxiety. To be continuously wanting, wishing and thinking is utter hell. To be able to rest, relax and enjoy the radiant healing golden energy from the great spiritual light from within is absolute bliss.

Our mind has been embedded for centuries with this ancient unsatisfied program for one very wonderful reason. A great creativity and manifesting fire gets ignited when we believe the grass is greener, richer, softer and more lush in the neighbors yard. Sure, the mind can get crazy and start thinking the neighbors must be smarter, happier, and more enlightened because they have greener grass! Chances are high that the neighbors don’t actually have greener grass than you, but you can’t tell that truth to the seeking desiring mind. The good news is that an enormous fire of desire is lit when we see that we just don’t have it all.

The mind is a genius at believing whatever it wants to believe is true. It can only see a fraction of the whole truth, it cannot contain the entire Universal truth all the time. It would be out of a job if it had that knowledge. It’s a master at inventing super creative stories about your limitations in this world, which fill you up with this amazing experience called insecurity. These wonderful insecure feelings are perfectly designed to push you onto your spiritual path. They provoke you to dig deeper, so you stop functioning in automatic robot mode and find your real purpose for being alive!  Your insecurity causes you to drop the mind games so you start stoking your real spiritual fire, unleashing your deepest motivation, your highest inspiration and your richest creativity inside.

“Unless you become a buddha you have not lived at all because you will not know the great poetry of life, the great music of existence. You will not know the celestial celebration that goes on and on, you will not know the dance of the stars. This bliss is for you! All these flowers and all these songs and all these stars are for you. You are entitled to miracles.” ~Osho

We were born to evolve, expand our consciousness, and eventually become awakened Buddhas. A “buddha” simply means one who has stopped sleeping, one who is aware, self-realized and living fully in the now.  It’s perhaps the easiest and most natural way we can experience life, yet it means we have to unlearn everything we believe to be the reason why we are here.  To stimulate the enlightened path in our lives, we need to create more space and room to grow. We need to feel the lack of something, and experience the great emptiness that is all around. This empty feeling is always available inherent within each desire that comes from the mind.

To reach the enlightened state we must dive into the mind and let it go. We must let the mind believe that the neighbor’s grass is greener than our own, and realize how ridiculous it is to be comparing grass in the first place. We must notice all the places in our life where we are comparing ourselves with others, with people we look up to, saying that they have something we don’t.  We must allow the mind to be brimming with jealousy, full with desire, so much that it implodes into this fantastic empty Universe that is exploding with life.

If we allow the mind to do what it does, it will eventually invent some fantastic new organic healthier way to grow better grass, and one day have greener grass than the neighbors. With a glorious new imagined goal and destination to be entertained by, the mind can provoke us to expand our consciousness, playing it’s endless games within games inside of itself just for the pure discovery of all the many multi-dimensional joys and pleasures of being alive. What else did you want to do with your time here on Earth??

 “Nurture your mind with great thoughts, for you will never go any higher than you think.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

One word of caution to you on your manifesting journey. Be very aware of that the mind is a Jedi master at distracting us from what’s spiritually real and essential. Yes, this distraction is also sacred, needed and divine, for when we finally give up seeking and attend to what actually is spiritual and real, we see how the distraction was not really a distraction but a truly essential ingredient in directing our path towards a spiritual awakening. It’s quite beautiful to sit back and recognize how perfect ever aspect of existence actually is. Nothing is actually imperfect or actually as we think it is. Our addictions are glorious, our perpetual search for some thing better is deeply needed for our enlightenment. What we think will make us happy is the essential illusion needed to find the real. This feeling that we are lacking something is the succulent dangling chocolate dangling on the golden string to get us to come out of our dark caves. Perfection is everywhere and in everything, always.

 The divine being you truly are is ridiculously intelligent.  It is soooooo spiritually smart, it knows where we are hiding and exactly how to get us to come out. It realizes that we would never know what true wholeness was like unless we believed we had a hole to fill. We cannot know what blissful freedom feels like, until we experience the most imprisoning limiting state of mind. The great mystery of life has this miraculous way of continuously teaching us what we most need to know for our enlightenment. There is not a moment that goes by where the Universe is not inviting us to dive deeper inside and surrender more completely into the healing depths of our soul.

We are constantly being summoned to come out of hiding. The Universe wants us to appreciate this sweet spiritual gift of existence. It is always giving the God Source to us, to liberate ourselves from the internal catacomb-like prisons of the mind. We are being constantly welcomed to see everything in our lives with absolute love and clarity. We always have this option to sit down, relax about it all, and understand our life’s mission. Right now, we can stop everything and choose to live in total devotion and connection with our heart’s spiritual presence.

We were all born to discover that we are amazing multi-dimensional divine manifesting beings who can create anything we desire. This huge and truly awesome task requires that we unleash our full power and reveal our ultimate treasure inside. The greatest treasure we have is found once we stop the mind, and rest at our source of consciousness. This is meditation, and is the divine doorway to opening our life up to the highest states of energy, love and consciousness.

This temporary stopping of the mind happens everyday, yet it’s just whether we are doing it consciously, or its being done to us and have no way to create it. Perhaps both are true, yet when we allow a new perception of reality in like this one, it can radically change our lives forever. The coin has 3 sides to it, and they are all true. It’s not so much the doing but the undoing that actually makes a shift occur. Letting go of the most minor shifts in perception, the slightest adjustments to how we are seeing life, can totally transform out entire experience of who and what we are.

“The greatest guru is always within you.” ~ Ramana Maharshi

Your homework assignment for this week is quite simple. Use your mind, instead of being used by your mind. Worship, respect, honor and love this brilliant all-powerful tool so you can create what you want in your life. Stop being unconsciously used by the tool. If you don’t use the tool consciously, you will be used by it. This means don’t get over identified with your tool, don’t avoid your tool, and do not fight with your tool. The mind is not who you are. You are not the tool. Even if the mind tells you that you’re a no good failure ten thousand times, just know that you are 10,000 times closer to stepping back to become more conscious of your tool addiction and stop being used by it.

Deep down realize your soul is ultimately in charge and running the show. Trust in this always. Trust that life has a higher intelligence than you’ll ever understand, and it is taking you on the most exquisite unique ride through this world, so that one day you sit back, become the Jedi master of your mind, and experience the greatest form of satisfaction and pleasure.

One last piece of advice for you on your manifesting journey which I believe is one of the most helpful ideas to learn is this. Become devoted to being gentle with yourself, no matter what. When you can be gentle with your mind, you will master it and eventually be free from it.  The mind will listen to you, instead of you always listening to it. When you can have full mastery over the mind, all you feel is a great love and gentleness with everything, thought, memory, and experience you come across on your inner world.  This is real mastery.  If you can be gentle, no matter what. No matter how crazy, irate or demanding the world becomes. Make the promise to yourself right now, that you will be gentle with you no matter what occurs.  No matter what!  Enjoy the journey it’s guaranteed to get even better! =)

Ten thousand blessings to you!!


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