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How to Raise Your Manifesting Vibration

Thanks again everybody for all of your input and contribution to the class.  You all have such great energy.  I really enjoyed working with you.  Please e-mail me if you have any questions or want to update me on your progress.  You all get to benefit from Jafree’s expertise and knowledge during the next two classes.

I. Increasing Your Manifesting Vibration and Focus: A. Monitor at what level you are vibrating: Again the key to manifesting is to embrace a high vibration as you go through your days.  Since you are always manifesting, it is important to monitor your thoughts and feeling states so that you manifest more of what you want.  The easiest way of increasing your vibration is just to notice how you are feeling.   It is important to notice where your feeling barometer is as you go through your days.  Which vibration do you predominantly vibrate at?

The three energy frequencies are: a. Dumpster City or Victim-hood.  In this state you feel depressed, overwhelmed, bored, angry, heavy, helpless, etc.  When you are in dumpster city the world is full of rain and darkness, and that is what you tend to create. b. Humdrum or Flat-line.  In this state, you operate on automatic pilot.  You just do things because you should do them.  You are like a robot that is following orders.  The word appears to be pretty cloudy and boring.  When you operate predominantly at this frequency, you tend to create more of the same old thing. c. Joyville or High on Life.  At this frequency, you feel fully alive and on fire.  You are excited about everything that comes your way, and you are in the flow.  The world is full of sunshine, and good cheer.  You operate from inspiration, and you are in the present moment.  When you operate at this frequency, you naturally attract your heart’s desires.

B. Hold your focus on what you do want to create The key to manifesting is to hold your focus on what you DO want instead of what you don’t want.  According to Abraham Hicks, thought reaches a combustion point at 17 seconds of pure undiluted focus. At this point it evolves into a higher level of energy.  For every 17 seconds you hold your thought, it becomes exponentially more powerful.  At 68 seconds it will be on its way to physical manifestation.   Important the thought is pure, has a positive focus, strong energy, no resistance, and does not slip into lack full thinking.

Abraham goes on to say that the average person rarely finishes a single sentence without contradicting their energy, as in “I want a new car, but it is too expensive.”  So watch out for those contradictions.

Dream Dialoguing is a powerful exercise that helps you hold your focus on what you truly want to create, and helps you vibrate at a higher energy frequency.  Dream Dialoguing is described in chapter 2 of “the Manifesting Manual.”

II. The Art of Dream Dialoguing Dream Dialoguing is the art of seeing and feeling that you have already accomplished one of your goals.  The basic principle of dream dialoguing is that you develop an energetic blueprint of your future by describing how you achieved your goal in detail.   The subconscious mind does not know the difference between reality, and the imagined.  This fact can be verified by watching a scary movie.  You often experience bodily reactions to a scary movie even though your mind knows it is just a story.  Your subconscious mind is reacting to it as though it were really happening, making you act as if you are in danger (i.e. your heart beat speeds up, you start sweating, you are tense, etc.)

This same principle works for manifesting what you want.  Dream Dialoguing allows the mind to imagine achieving the goal, and then it starts automatically shifting its energy to make that goal occur.  It is one of the most powerful techniques in the universe.  Many of my clients have experienced huge success by doing effective dream dialoguing.

Keys to effective dream dialoguing: 1. You can dream dialogue around more than one thing at once. If something or someone bothers you, start creating a new future with them by dream dialoguing. Start explaining how they have changed, and how they are now so very supportive.  Remember to use details.  So the motto is, if you don’t like something, dream dialogue a new experience instead of focusing on what isn’t working.

2. Speak in the past tense as if it has already occurred.

3. Dream Dialoguing out loud is even more powerful than doing it silently.  You gain more from this kind of dream dialoguing because you hear it and it goes back into your subconscious mind as positive reprogramming.  So go for it. Have fun hearing your own voice.

4.  Ask yourself questions if you get stuck.  Some great questions to ask are: – How did it feel? – What great things were happening to me? – To whom was I speaking? – What were they saying to me? – What was the expression like on their face? – How did the room look? – What was I wearing?  What were other people wearing? – What steps did I take to get here? – Why was everything so easy?

5. Find a dream dialoguing partner.  Dream Dialoguing with a friend, spouse, neighbor, colleague is even more powerful than doing this technique by yourself.  Train your partner to dream dialogue and ask you the appropriate questions.  If you are not with your partner, you can also imagine you are talking to your best friend

6. Remember to only use positive words, and focus on what you want to create.  The words “don’t”, “hope”, “try”, and “should” do not work well with dream dialoguing.   7.  Develop a regular routine around dream dialoguing.  Incorporate it into your everyday activities.  You can easily do it while you are walking the dog, talking a shower, driving in your car, blow-drying your hair, etc….

lII. Develop a Manifesting Routine In order to become a true manifesting magnet, it is key that you develop routines around manifesting.  A routine will help you develop positive habits that include manifesting, and will keep manifesting at the forefront of your mind as you progress through out your day.

Many people experience resistance when it comes to developing a manifesting morning routine.  They find it difficult to change long-standing habits.  If raising your manifesting vibration was easy, you would have done this years ago. The fact is that you will most likely feel resistance when you do this. This resistance often only lasts for the first few weeks after you start.  For most people, it only takes three weeks to one month to develop a new habit.

Just remember that when you hit resistance to doing this routine you’ve located your “inner block”.  Let this resistance become your greatest ally, for it is exactly what will allow you to experience the next breakthrough in your life!

Suggested morning routine:

1. Start your day with “Yes” How do you start your day?  Do you start it with worry, fear, or a feeling of apathy?  Most people don’t like to get out of the bed in the morning, and wish they could just stay asleep.  At what kind of vibration do you naturally vibrate when you wake up in the morning?

The very instant you wake up each morning, use the first 4 minutes that you are awake to start visualizing and feeling what you want to create in your life!  Imagine it’s already all happened!  Get excited about what’s on your Manifesting List & let yourself relax about making it all happen.  Just imagine that by some magical blessing everything on your list is happening to you right now!  Then start saying the word YES over and over (at least 10 times).  Direct it towards the day, direct it towards each of the goals on your manifesting list.

The morning “yes” energy will naturally shift your energy to being on top of the world.  It will help you start to focus on what you can create, instead of the problems you must solve.  Remember that you are highly suggestable when you first wake up, and this “yes” exercise will help you reprogram your mind.   2.  Jumping exercise (15 seconds)  Jump up into the air as high as you possibly can, with your arms stretching out into the sky & yell, “I’M EXCITED!  I’M EXCITED! I’M EXCITED!”    Do this for at least 15 seconds or as long as you can.

This gets you into the “On-top of the world” vibration.  You will probably start laughing as soon as you try it.  It makes you feel stupendous and gets your energy going.

If you are in a situation where you absolutely cannot be loud, then just imagine you’re yelling, “I’M EXCITED!” so that it echoes throughout the Universe as well as every cell in your entire body & mind.  Feel more than think about what you are excited about. Imagine that everything you wanted to DO, who you wanted to BE and what you wanted to HAVE instantly & magically manifested into your life already!   As you are jumping high into the sky, feel the vibrations of excitement grow, and  know that you are a magical manifesting being who can create anything you want!

3. Manifesting Power Walks or Other Types of Exercise (20 minutes) How many of you wish you exercised regularly, but don’t seem to make the time?  Doing dream dialoguing while you exercise increases the effectiveness of this technique.

Why?  Well, one reason is that exercise automatically boosts your energy levels, and makes you more excited about life, which improves the quality of your dream dialoguing.  Secondly, I believe that the messages you send out while you dream dialogue are registered in your body as cellular memory.  I don’t have any scientific proof of this, yet it appears to be true.

The exercise component: The important thing to do in this step is to move your body and do positive programming at the same time.  It isn’t important what type of movement you do.  You can go power walking, go to the gym, ride a bike, jog, do the stairmaster, or lift weights.  You could also stay at home & just do push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, dance, or rollerblade.  Do anything you’ll enjoy doing for 20 minutes that will get your heart rate and breath-rate up!

I suggest NOT getting on some strict, “I have to do this on Monday Wednesday Friday schedule”, but really listening to what exercise your body needs each day.  What are the consequences of how you’ll feel at the end of the day if you don’t do any exercise at all?  What does your body really want to feel after your 20-minute manifesting exercise is done?  You will probably want something new after doing one exercise over & over for extended months or years at a time.  We humans are healthier with the right amount of variety.   So I recommend picking a few that you enjoy, and alternating them as much as possible. Change is the spice of life one wise gas station attendant once told me as he was handing me my change.

The main purpose of this exercise is to get the cobwebs out of your mind, & prepare your emotional body to relax deeply inside your physical body.  When the physical body’s blood & breath rate is pumping away we’re raising our bioelectric energetic output as well as potential input, thus boosting our total manifesting potentiality.    Morning exercise will also give you access to more energy throughout your day.

The Manifesting Component: You always have plenty of time to think while you exercise.  So instead of thinking about how hard it is to exercise, you can use your mind to increase your manifesting vibration.  Here are some suggestions:

1. Do dream dialoguing out loud or to yourself while you power walk, jog, or rollerblade, or do Stairmaster. 2. Record a tape of you dream dialoguing, and listen to it while you exercise. 3. Record a tape of positive affirmations and listen to it while you exercise.

Accountability Partner Fieldwork: – Do dream dialoguing this week with your accountability partner for at least 20 minutes. – Share with your partner the Manifesting Routine you are committed to doing.

Individual Fieldwork: – Do dream dialoguing every day for at least 10 minutes. – Create and implement your morning manifesting routine.


Happy Manifesting!

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