You are a Conscious Manifesting Machine

You are a Conscious Manifesting Machine

Written by Jafree Ozwald

“If you can realize who you are, it means you know where you are coming from and where you are going.”  ~St. Theresa of Avila

In every moment of your life you are creating something. Whether you are materializing what you want or what you don’t want, all depends on how conscious you are in this very moment. This consciousness inside you now is ultimately determined by how relaxed you are and what you choose to fill your mind with. What types of thoughts do you invite into your mind in each given moment.

When you choose to focus on thoughts that bring you into a deeper state of peace, trust and a feeling of “oneness” with life around you, you’ll instantly feel your consciousness expand. And when consciousness expands, you realize what a powerful manifestor you truly are and start engaging in the world like one.

What many people won’t tell you is that your experience of this moment of your life is the MOST important thing for you to put your attention upon.  This moment may not seem like much, yet its an accumulation of the sum total of all the thoughts, feelings and experiences you’ve had throughout your life and lifetimes.  It’s all happening now.

All the things your father, mother, siblings, friends, co-workers, bosses, etc have said to you throughout your life, are occurring inside your deeper mind, like data stored on a computer chip. What you do with this information determines the level of energy you vibrate at and the experiences you will manifest in the future.

“By using your heart as your compass, you can see more clearly which direction to go to stop self-defeating behavior.” ~Doc Childre and Howard Martin

What you are going to manifest into your future is what you intuitively FEEL deep deep down is going to happen.  What you think doesn’t matter as much as what you feel or “expect” tomorrow will be like.  This is the manifesting power of belief, and is just like sending out a special “request” into the Universe that will be filled tomorrow.

Just notice what you believe deep down that the rest of this year is going to look and feel like?  The machine of your mind may be humming along with doubts and fears, yet take the time to be very still and quiet.  Getting quiet is the only way to look inside yourself and find all the answers you are seeking in life.  They are there if you can take the time to truly look.

 “Here is the simple but powerful rule…always give people more than they expect to get.” ~Nelson Boswell

One of the most important things to practice feeling on a daily basis is knowing that you always have the power to create ANY reality you want.  I wonder what would happen if you threw a curve ball to yourself tonight before you fell asleep in bed, and decided to expect and know that an amazing divine manifestation (the one that you always hoped and dreamed for) would occur in your life this week?

I invite you to sit on this feel for the entire week, because the power of feeling builds over time, especially before going to sleep.  Who knows, you might be totally shocked tomorrow morning and experience how truly magical and mystical you really are.

“What is now proved was once only imagined.” ~William Blake

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You are always a blessing to us,

Jafree Ozwald

p.s. Thank all the people in your life who have supported you in believing in yourself. Call them up today and actually thank them! What a gift they are for they have caused your most Enlightened Self to shine even brighter.

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