You Are Amazing!!

You Are Amazing!! Written by Jafree Ozwald

The real truth is that you are utterly and completely amazing just as you are.  Just because you exist you fit into this amazing category. Yes, you don’t even have to do a thing.  You are naturally awe-inspiring and astonishing on every level of your being.  How is this so?  Just ponder how awesome your body, mind, and soul truly are for 60 seconds. Your mind has the power of a magical magnet!  Everything you focus on something,  in some miraculous way it is attracted to you, and ends up showing up in your life!  You are intimately connected to an all powerful God-Source so you have the ability to manifest anything that you want!  And what your physical body does to keep you alive everyday is flabbergasting.  It breathes for you, fights off viruses, circulates your blood, cleanses your blood, swallows, heals, grows hair, nails, and so much more without you even thinking about it.  And don’t forget the most amazing thing about you which is your true spiritual nature.  You are an eternal energy filled with boundless love and light.  Just touch your soul, it feels like sky-like spaciousness, eternal presence, and pure love.  Wow! 

"Everybody is extraordinary! This is how it should be. God never creates ordinary persons. ~ Osho

The more amazing you can perceive yourself to be, the more you will naturally tap into your true state as a super powerful manifestor.  When you think small thoughts about yourself, you short-circuit your manifesting power so that only a fraction of your natural manifesting energy can pour through.  When you consciously celebrate the amazingness of your body, mind and being, you automatically open up the manifesting values and the higher vibrations magnetize more of what you want, need, and desire.   Right now, just relax and allow yourself to truly marvel about how amazing your sweet existence is.  Let that knowingness wash over that skeptical part that says you’re not amazing at all, and let this awesome natural reverence for yourself seep into every cell of your body!  Spend just a few minutes each morning bathing in this thinking. It will transform your day completely!  Make sure you bring special loving attention to those aspects of yourself that you have judged, criticized, or blamed.  Realize that YOU are beyond these old beliefs and ideas now.  Notice how amazing your journey in life has been so far, and how transformational it is to simply be alive!

"That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet." ~Emily Dickinson

If for some reason you simply cannot believe that you are amazing, it’s good to know that your ego is efforting to uphold the contracted illusion of its belief system about who you are.  This is how we play it safe in life and do not evolve.  The ego is terrified of taking risks and does anything it can NOT to become disappointed.  Your ego is always living in the "land of make believe", pretending that something is horribly wrong.  Perhaps you need fixing, or they need this or that.  It totally forgets that each of us is already an all-powerful being who can manifest anything.  This is the real blessed truth.  So you can relax now and stop trying so hard.  Imagine how much extra energy you will create by letting go of beating yourself up or trying to improve yourself all the time.  All this efforting to become someone different is such a waste of your energy.  It’s just a game that your ego has been playing, thinking it will become someone better than the God-Being it already is now.  So stop pretending, stop believing in your ego, and relax into being the magnificent AMAZING divine being you already are.

"See the perfection in the seeming imperfection that seems to be."  ~ Lester Levinson

Even if you tried, you can’t stop being amazing in every moment.  No matter what you do or don’t follow through with, you will be amazing.  Sure sometimes things may not always go the way your ego wants them to go, yet this has no reflection on who you truly are.  Whether things turn out the so called "right" way or the "wrong" way, you are still such an amazing and perfect being at the core.  Even if you make a "mistake", that "mistake" was also perfect!  You are not your actions, thoughts, or behavior.  You are the divine presence behind it all.  Just because something happened that you deemed inappropriate or "bad" does not negate the divinity inside you.  Every "mistake" is the soul saying, "I’m ready for a massive jump in my evolution!"  There truly is no such thing as a mistake in this Universe.  Everything is a miracle and a blessing in disguise.  You are the miracle you’ve been waiting for!  We are all here on this planet now to be blessed by your presence.  Yes, YOUR PRESENCE!  You are more profound than your mind can dare imagine.  So just let go of all this ridiculous normal ordinary boring self and celebrate yourself today!

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Many amazing new moments are heading your way,
Jafree Ozwald  

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