You Are Divinely Guided

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You Are Divinely Guided
 Written by Jafree Ozwald

“There are no mistakes anywhere, at any time. What appears to be wrong is simply your own false imagination.” ~Robert Adams

There is a great power that is guiding every moment of our lives.  Every decision, response and action we take each day has a cosmic force that is pulling us in a certain direction. This divine direction is always showing us the most abundant, effortless, enjoyable and prosperous path to follow.  This guided path is inside all of us and once we find it, it will always lead us to finding profound inner peace, a deep sensual feeling of flowing naturally with life, and the most satisfying experience of life of basking in our succulent spiritual nature.

Right now, I’d like to invite you to make this a very important moment of your life and look and listen to where your source of divine guidance is coming from.  Look deep inside and notice what part of your body holds the greatest wisdom and feelings of inner peace that you can find.  If you cannot sense anything, imagine what it may feel like to hear, see or feel this wisdom. Imagine a very wise master guide was sitting beside you.  This amazing magical being knows everything, is never wrong about anything, loves you unconditionally, and will always direct you to the right path no matter what situation you’re in. Imagine how you’d feel from having a long deep intimate conversation with this person about your life. Get a sense that you being divinely guided and deeply loved.

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building something new.” ~Socrates

 It simply happens that the deeper we can relax into our physical body, the easier it becomes to feel and know our divine inner guidance. The mind will try to test you by playing guessing games, doubting the information you receive.  Yet the body has the ability to intuit something higher and listen from this all knowing space. The divine guidance that you have has been working within you your entire life.  It is not a stranger to you, it is that real you, that true spiritual essence who you always were.

When you discover your connection with your inner guidance system you’ll feel an immediate shift in your energy.  You’ll feel more centered, grounded, at peace and whole as a human being.  It’s like a missing part of your is recovered and all is well in this world.  You may also start seeing miraculous things manifest, seeing the state of perfect synchronicity that is all around us. You simply will feel and know that without a doubt something higher is helping you. There is a feeling of safety that stretches beyond the physical world, and a real loving connection with everyone and everything in existence. You won’t have to pretend to be someone to get anything you want again. You will simply be swimming in the ocean of love that’s all around you and perpetually flowing through you.

One of the greatest life lessons which all human beings get to learn in life, is knowing how to make the “right” decisions. The ironic thing I’ve found is that we simply cannot form an honest desire to make “wrong” decisions. There is something deeper running the program that has this super positive agenda. No matter how hard you try you cannot try to make a bad decision.  You may think and believe you’re making one, yet there is something deeper in you who has an ulterior desire to enjoy life in some bizarre way. The life that is beating our hearts, pumping blood through our body naturally desires to do the best that we know how to live life, to get the most pleasure that we know is available, with the resources we’ve got.

Often the reason that making decisions can be a challenging experience is that the mind and heart feel separated.  The mind steps in the way of the hearts inner knowing and it tries to take control. It starts trying to figure out what are the best and worst possible outcomes, fantasizing how we will or won’t personally benefit from whatever is to come. The mind attempts to believe that it knows exactly what outcome will manifest in the future when it makes this one decision. It projects an idea of how life will be, and thus we start missing out on the whole Reality, the “Isness” of existence, and we become blinded by the mind’s fantastic movie projections and egoic assumptions. 

“If you could only keep quiet, clear of memories and expectations, you would be able to discern the beautiful pattern of events. It is your restlessness that causes chaos.” ~Nisargadatta Maharaj

When it comes to major life choices such as which person to settle down with, where to live, what to do to make money, and which new future opportunity to dive into, the mind takes these decisions very seriously. It may start creating a secret fear about making the “wrong” decision and get attached to making the right one. There are no wrong choices in life, there are only life lessons. Whenever the mind becomes attached to any idea, we are blinded by it and cannot see the bigger picture or hear our inner guidance. Usually this attached idea is based in some judgment about what is right and what is wrong in life. The funny thing is that if we give the idea enough time and talk about it with many others, our beliefs and desires change, and we end up having to drop this attachment.

When we spend enough time reflecting on the multi-dimensional spiritual being who we truly are, we ascend to a higher level of consciousness and have to release whatever thoughts that are left clinging to the mind. All our programmed judgments, assumptions, beliefs, morals and ethics tend to unwind and release on their own accord. Our old system of beliefs then has to recalibrate, morph and assimilate itself to fit into this highly expanded perspective.  It’s just like how a child’s feet is designed to naturally outgrow their shoes. If we tried to push and force their feet to fit in last years shoes, their daily life would become a very long, painful and debilitating experience.

The biggest problem with the decision making process is not that there is a ‘wrong’ decision that we can make in life.  The real issue is that the mind can continue to insert doubt and fear into the choice we made, long after it’s already made. Once you make a decision you have to keep making that same choice again every day.  It’s a path you’re following and road you are traveling on.  If you try to follow too many roads in life you’ll feel lost.  It’s not that you will “be” lost, your mind will simply feel confused.

The relationship we have with our decisions is everything.  It’s very revealing about how we relate to ourselves and our relationships with others. Our approach maybe forceful, fickle, or oscillate between feeling hesitant and then swing over to being overly confident.  The mind is never ever 100% sure what it wants.  This is the nature of a dualistic mind, which is what all minds are.  When it lets go and finds the divine source of your being, then we can discover what real trust and commitment are like. We must relax into the most safe and secure place inside our hearts in order to know what it is that we truly want in life. The life of every human being is designed to experience massive spiritual growth.

One thing that has personally helped me in making major life decisions is remembering that EVERYTHING is temporary. Yes, everything!  Just look at your past, is anything the exactly same as it was back then?  If you make a “bad” choice and mess things up in this lifetime you will get another chance to do things differently if you want one. This lifetime now is the one that you’ve asked for to take all the risks you never took before. So it’s totally ok to take big risks!  Just be smart about it and compassionate with yourself.  Go easy on yourself when you make choices that don’t turn out the way you think they should have. Make this one little commitment to yourself and amazing things will start manifesting in your life until the day you die.

Being infinitely patient with yourself is what will help you (and others) ascend. Your soul has its own agenda process and time line for awakening that you cannot push any faster than it can grow.  It’s like forcing a caterpillar to come out of the cocoon and try to fly before its wings are fully developed.  When you are awake to your divine succulent nature you are no longer stuck in the dream (the mind) and can see the bigger picture everywhere you go.  Taking this one baby step back from the mind makes life much easier, and you can hear the deeper source inside you guiding you to make those decisions that bring out your most expansive loving and abundant state of being.

The most enlightened method I’ve ever found for making major life decisions is more of a psychosomatic approach. Basically, the technique is all about dropping down out of the head, letting yourself rest deeply in the belly, and then sensitively listening to the heart.  Once the mind is really attuned to this relaxed listening, which is simply a soft attunement with what is, our inner skeptic/doubter begins to quiet down, and we can confidently feel which decision is the right path for us. When the entire body is physically relaxed, we dramatically increase our receptivity to our divine intuitive nature which is perfectly aligned with the Universe. From this place, all choices are easy and obvious. We become fearless because we can trust in our deepest listening.

Even though our spiritual inner guidance is not always easy to hear it is always available to us 24 hours a day. The mind may habitually do somersaults in trying to find it, yet it’s perpetual attempt to “get it right” will one day relax and you’ll simply KNOW without a doubt what this inner voice sounds and feels like. It’s useful to know that the mind in its natural state is contradictory.  It’s habit is to compete with itself and fall into a hypocritical hell. The only way out is to be connected to this spiritual source of peace inside.

“Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.” ~Walt Whitman

Once we find the spiritual essence of this moment, we can have true confidence in ourselves and trust our intuition 100% of the time.  In this state we automatically manifest the most amazing future, and this opens our entire lives to experiencing a higher consciousness and love. There is more patience, happiness, and an abundance of laughter as a natural by product of finding this Source inside. The people who can apply this practice to their daily lives become the most amazing human beings on this planet.

Life itself is the greatest teacher and guru of them all, and we must expect that it will always throw a random curveball at us.  The world is a random series of highly intelligent and synchronistic events all conspiring to enlighten us to our highest potentiality.  We have these challenging decisions because life is programmed so that we must get to know ourselves.  It wants each person to look inside and discover the most wondrous surprise. It wants our lives to feel like the most sacred gift that we can open each moment with eyes of wonder and curiosity.

 Even when people are cold, harsh and ruthless with us, it’s our chance to see the real present they are giving, and truly heal that cold hard aspect that is being reflected inside ourselves.  Without compassion for others, we cannot listen to our deepest intuition and feel the higher direction it’s pointing towards. We must be compassionate beings to feel guided, which starts with not giving any negative comment or attitude from another any precedence over the warm fuzzy trusting open hearted feeling.  We must always dive deeper than the negativity and nurture the exploration of our own positive thinking and inner healing. We must invite ourselves to listen deeper than the judgmental mind and find the sweetest source of love, which is the true gift that will enable us to always hear the real guidance that is available inside us.  In order to access this love we simply must trust in it and practice loving everyone with all our heart. 

If we are not approaching everyone with love, then life becomes one big massive shield protecting our scared lonely wounded self. If cannot find something to love inside everyone, we will never heal the deepest wounds inside ourselves.  We must truly surrender, let down our most intimate shields, because if we don’t then we are the ones who miss out on life the most. There is a divine melting and merging available within each breath of our existence. This is when the richest and juiciest life takes over. It’s the most amazing thing when we can awaken that spiritual Light in the eyes of every being we meet. Only then can we have the greatest life experience of them all, that we are the Source of Love itself.

“When the heart is innocent and the walls have disappeared, you are bridged with infinity. You cannot be deceived, and there is nothing that can be taken away from you. And that which can be taken away from you is not worth keeping, there is no possibility. You cannot lose your real treasure.” ~Osho

By feeling the loving energy in your heart each day, you will find a spiritual depth that satiates your every desire. Whether you are battling depression, anxiety, fear, or loneliness, the soft subtle loving force is still alive in you.  It arises in your heart with a simple patient request to feel it.  Doing so it soon will transmute, transform and liberate any and every fearful energy you are in. At the core of your being you are The Source of Love itself, and your body is a natural loving machine here to experience all the greatest pleasures in this world. When this love becomes the center of our lives, we start seeing the most perfect conditions and manifestations knowing we are fearlessly guided by love every single breath of the way.

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Sending lots of love and lightness,
Jafree Ozwald

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