You Are Infinite Inside And Out

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You Are Infinite Inside And Out

Written by Jafree Ozwald

“Don’t rely on the mind for liberation.” ~Nisargadatta

There is an amazing infinite Universe all around us. Outer space extends far beyond what we can see with any high-tech cosmic telescope which can view star systems 13 billion light years away. This incredible Universe is also a living breathing experience that extends infinitely within us. It continues deeper beyond the atomic quantum particles which our amazing (yet ancient) electron microscopes can barely see. And when we look inside ourselves on a conscious level, using our mind to explore who we truly are, what we discover is yet another realm of infinity.

Inside our mind there are memories piled upon memories, and beliefs within beliefs all stacked to infinity. For every new thought that is forming right now, there are a dozen new thoughts soon to follow. Just sit down on some lazy Sunday afternoon to spiritually investigate who you really are, and you’ll find you can ascend and descend forever within the deepest realms of your very soul. However, what I find most fascinating inside of this infinite mystery is in the relationship that’s manifesting between our inner world and the outer Universe. It behaves something like a perpetual reflection in a mirror. Whatever is happening within our inner world, is attracting, magnetizing and manifesting what we are experiencing in our outer world.

For example, if I’m in a good mood today, all I see are happy smiling faces wherever I go, and amazing opportunities seem to effortlessly float my way. Then, if I fall down into an emotional dumpster, the face of every person has nothing but gloom and doom smeared all over it, and it feels like my entire life is about to collapse. The law of attraction is unavoidable. Whatever we are feeling and feeding into emotionally on the inside, is somehow always materializing into whatever we see, experience and physically attract in our outer world.

Another example of how the infinite reflection is showing up in our lives is how it manifests in our relationship with others. The more love, compassion and acceptance we have for ourselves, the easier it is to have compassion, love and acceptance for others. Or it’s always that one thing which we absolutely dislike and cannot stand about the other, which is reflecting some part inside ourselves that we don’t want to own or accept. If I am upset at my neighbor for being too dominating, controlling and aggressive (instead of having compassion with him), then when I take a closer look inside myself I will see how I’m not OK with those parts of myself that feel too dominating, controlling or aggressive. It’s all a deep and yet transparent mirror.

Our inner world is an extension of our outer Universe, and the outer world is an extension of our inner Universe. This means that life extends into infinity in every direction and dimension. The inner and outer Universes are never separate, even though your physical body appears to be a completely isolated entity it is not. We live in one sacred ocean of energy. There simply is just one Universe that extends for infinity into the outer realms in all directions and inner dimensions. You contain the wet and salty qualities of the entire ocean, and yet are just a single drop in it. The oceanic waves are always moving you, and flowing through you, as you.

“He who thinks he is the doer is also the sufferer.” ~ Ramana Maharshi

The essential problem I find most people are having with life is that they are not reaching deep enough inside themselves to reconnect with their actual living breathing infinite spiritual essence. Our spiritual nature is a real thing, it is our most basic reality. It is what keeps your heart beating, your breath breathing, and your life force moving through you in every moment of existence. You don’t have to breathe, your body does it for you. The same is with your spiritual essence, it is living and creating through your physical body, unfolding its essential karmic programming within this great cosmic playground.

It’s good to know that suffering happens only when the mind gets in the way. When we become overly focused on thoughts and material things that make us feel limited or time-bound, we start believing we only have limited options. The realm of the infinite fades into the background of the finite, and we start thinking everyone is living in a very small contracted world. When we only focus on our needs, we forget how to connect with the soul of others. If we are always thinking about money and more material possessions, we cannot see or feel the infinite reality that is beneath it all.

A majority of the rat race is trapped in thinking about time-bound appointments which causes consciousness to squeeze itself into a tiny temporal boxes (let’s say 4:30pm). With this deadline coming, we just don’t have time to feel what eternity is like. When we only live in a limited tick-tock 24 hour clock world that is consumed with resources around money and material items, we instantly start feeling disconnected from the infinite eternal beings we actually are. This addictive dwelling of the mind on what is not infinite or eternal, is what makes us feel spiritually disconnected from every living being on the planet today.

We were all born with a limited time bound physical body so that we could acquire a contrasting perspective, and experience ourselves as the infinite eternal being we actually are. We have the capability to create, manifest and experience anything we desire. We are all the children of a great Universal Consciousness (God) that is impregnated with unlimited potentiality. If all this talk about the infinite is expanding your mind too much to handle today, just remember that your inner world is always impacting and manifesting something in your outer world. Every thought you believe to be true is what is creating your reality.

Your thoughts are always flowing through you, and are always creating everything in your life. You will become whatever you think in the future, so be aware of your innermost thoughts, and yet somehow remain non-attached. Your thoughts are not who you truly are. You are an eternal infinite consciousness who is beyond form and time. You are Pure Awarenessness reflecting back on itself in this physical Universe of Space and Time.

Let go of thoughts that were cycling in your mind yesterday and ideas about the way life should turn out for you tomorrow. Be here now. Now is the moment of Power. Now is where enlightenment is discovered. For physically you are forever forced to exist in this present moment. Your present awareness is always being generated from this present moment. Know this, and live & breathe within this knowing.

If you want your life to be smoother, fuller and more in touch with utter bliss, get in touch with your eternal essence. Let go of any limiting thoughts that you have and drop into the knowingness that you are an infinite soul who will never ever die.  If you crave for some secure life that is easy and light, give that experience to yourself on the inner world within first.  Find out how to soothe yourself emotionally, giving deep robust tingling sensations to every corner of your body mind and spirit. The great experience of divinity is always available and ready to take you into the higher dimensions. Your greatest life is ready for you here now, so open yourself up and welcome it in.  You will find the infinite within the finite. Trust the process, breathe it in, and enjoy every breath you are given.

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Jafree Ozwald

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