You are Magical!

You Are Magical!!By Jafree Ozwald

By nature, we are magical beings, with magical abilities inside us.We have the power to manifest anything we want or imagine.

You are a spiritual being living in a magical bodymind.You were born with total free access to an unlimited Sourceof power, love and energy within you.  Yes, you my friend can manifest anything you desire!If you can imagine it, and feel it, you have the ability to experience it in your life.

Once you become aware of what your mind’s limitations are, and can relax into the greater energy beneath all matter, you’ll get a taste of your own divine infinite nature and true spiritual existence.The infinite Universe is your spiritual playground and you are the greatest player that exists on the field. 

You can see, feel and experience the magical essence more fullywhen you relax into your body and mind, and allow for eachnew alive moment of existence to pour through you.

To experience your true divine magical-ness, whenever your mind stops for a moment and relaxes,let yourself experience a moment of joy, lightness,or feel free of worry and concern. Take a few seconds to breathe deeper and more slowly in that peakvibrational state.  Let yourself bathe in it!You can easily return to a heightened resource state anytime throughout your day.Trust this energy and let it focus your mind and thoughtson what you really want to manifest in your life.The instant you do this, you see how quickly your life becomes divine and magical!Let it grow stronger inside you and allow yourself to be used by it.Surrender to the Divine within and step out of the way!   It’s time for you to let go, yes…to truly let goand feel this magical energy is AWAKE now within you.Use your mind to focus on this magical quality inside you today.Let it come from a space that is free, alive and completely real.Blessings are abounding…Jafree OzwaldFor manifesting techniques, meditations and exercisesthat truly work, visit our website at:

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