You Are Powerful, Beautiful and Extraordinary

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You Are Powerful, Beautiful and Extraordinary 

Written by Jafree Ozwald

“Let them throw their curses. If inside, I am connected to what’s true, my soul stays quiet and clear. Do you think God worries what people say?  If a few ashes fall on a mirror, use them to polish it.”  ~Lalla 14th Century North Indian mystic

No matter what happens to you in life, remember this one sweet understanding. You are powerful beyond measure, beautiful beyond words, and truly an extraordinary being who has access to unlimited love, creativity and pleasure!  Yes! All this is and more is available inside you now.  To access it, sit in a state of wonder, and be in awe of this understanding. Try it just for a few minutes and see what happens!  You might discover some resistance, denial or perhaps the realization that this amazing fact is already within you.

 It is good to know that each block you encounter in life is your greatest catalyst to diving into a deeper experience of your most enlightened self.  Every experience we have as human beings contains a doorway to this divine state.  All that’s needed is to look for the door, reach out for the golden handle and walk on through.

There is nothing as easy and fulfilling as entering the sweet paradise that is within your very being.  It’s easiest to discover this warm fuzzy feeling inside when you are alone, in nature, quiet and looking within yourself for many hours. To arrive at this place means letting go of the hectic outer world, put away the busy overly productive to-do list, and devote to spend some solid quality time with you!  Whatever is stopping you from making time for yourself is blocking you from experiencing the most tremendous freedom, love and joy.

My invitation for you is that you let go of your life. Emotionally, mentally, and intentionally loosen your grip and relax into your true self. Here you will find this powerful, beautiful and extraordinary high vibrational being. Letting go is not easy at first, especially when we are used to spending our lives living like a closed tight fist. So practice loosing the grip on your, and try it for at least 1 hour everyday. You might be pleasantly surprised how much you look forward to this time!

The fact is that YOU are worth it!  When you look at yourself in the mirror what you see is seeing you. Maybe not always clearly, yet we can only see aspects of our self. Our entire self is too huge, too amazing, and magnificent to digest in just one sitting. It’s like you can look back at your day and remember most of what happened, yet try and look back on your entire life (and even past lifetimes) and digest everything in the same detailed manner. You are much bigger than the mind can conceive.

“When you come to the edge of all the light you know, and are about to step off into the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing one of two things will happen: there will be something solid to stand on, or you will be taught how to fly.” ~Unknown

To start feeling a fraction of just how amazing you truly are, begin with letting go of any limiting beliefs that arise about yourself.  If you think you’re too nice, too old, too fat, too ugly, too poor…these are old boring stories and excuses. In truth, they are just tiny electrons passing through the brain making you believe you’re in some prison. Realize these are all just thoughts passing through your consciousness in each moment. You can choose to pay attention to the good ones or the bad ones. It’s totally up to you.

You can easily break free from any negative or limiting beliefs running around in your mind by surrendering to loving you!  Trust in the feeling of love. Believe that love is the way. Notice how it feels to be a bit more gentle and kind with yourself. What does it feel like to accept all of your parts? Real love is unconditional. It has no reason why it loves, it just constantly sends out gentle energy, working its magic in healing all parts of you every time! There is nothing more powerful and transformational than love sweet love.

When you devote your day to loving you, being gentle with you, something very magical occurs. You start to feel the love that is already inside you now. Deep inside your soul is the infinite source of love. The energy of God, Source, Absolute Consciousness, whatever name you place on it the energy is the same. It is creating your experience of reality in every millisecond of your life, and it is the most benevolent, brilliant and loving source there ever will be.

“Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together go to the making of genius. Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius.” ~Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Everyone on this planet is all on this sacred spiritual journey together. The life is for our enjoyment, transformation, spiritual growth and eventually our enlightenment. We are here to enlighten the load from our past, let go of all the heaviness we’ve been carrying for lifetimes. Whatever has been burdening, blocking or frustrating to us is not real. The very instant we clearly see what is real, then everything changes immediately. There is a this great relief inside as we no longer have to fight or resist anything in life anymore. The war is over. We can see the truth, and accept that which we believed was totally unacceptable about ourselves. It is then that our greatest joy and freedom begins to settle in.

 There is nothing you can do to make a wrong turn in life. Everything is part of your destiny. On an infinite highway where everything is connected, all lanes eventually reach the same infinite destination. You cannot mess up your life. It is perfectly imperfect just as it is. It contains all the bittersweet and sour elements needed to release your tight grip inside yourself, relax deeply and find out that you are powerful, beautiful and truly extraordinary.

On those days when you feel that you made a wrong turn in your life, where you got in trouble for not yielding to the other, where you had an unconscious moment and smashed into someone you loved, it may feel like everything is lost. Maybe you were driving with one foot on the brake, the other foot on the gas, and mainly looking backwards in the rear view mirror. The secret here is forgiveness. Let go of whatever mistakes you’ve made in your life. They are last years movie. Just observe the judgments of these movies about yourself, without participating in that judgment.  Welcome the experience of whatever your great “error” was, and accept that it was a lesson, teaching you something deeper about yourself and Life.

By welcoming whatever judgments are showing up about yourself, the judgment-a-holic inside gets to step down from its pedestal, and a hint of clarity somehow naturally finds its way in. A glimmer of lightness finds its way into the deepest darkest night of the soul. When you fully experience judgment for whatever it has to say, without holding onto any story about it, the Universe has to present itself to you with full clarity.

My invitation for you this week is this. Don’t resist any experience that life gives you. Welcome all the good and bad you see inside you. Yet, give some extra special attention to that part of you that is powerful beyond measure, beautiful beyond words, and truly an extraordinary being who has access to unlimited love. Any resistance is futile and just makes you contract from life and get even more emotionally knotted up inside. If you must resist an experience in life, be conscious about it. Know that this is your choice. There is always another way to experience who you are. Try this for one week and a relaxing freeing feeling will move on in. Just trust the process, let go and surrender to what is deeper and already at peace on the inside.

“There is no beginning or ending in the journeyless journey to nowhere. You do not start from somewhere and you do not end at anywhere. You are where you are and you continue from there.”  ~Bodhiharma

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Jafree Ozwald

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