You Are The Ultimate Authority of Your Reality

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You Are The Ultimate Authority of Your Reality
By Jafree Ozwald

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“The day on which we come to know the supreme consciousness within us, then the outside world will also appear to us like the expanse of the supreme consciousness. The whole will be a mirror to us when we become a mirror within. If we stand near a stone, then we will be able to see ourselves even in the stone.” ~Osho

There are soooo many thoughts flying through our minds everyday. Did you know that the average human thinks about 60,000 thoughts every 24 hours.  Whoa, no wonder we may get lost living up in our heads and have a hard time keeping track of it all. The mind is a highly activated thinking machine, and it’s always presenting us these succulent creative gifts.  We can do whatever we wish with these thoughts.  We can ignore them, welcome them in deeper, invite them to flow in stronger, store some of them away in our subconscious closet, or have fun unwrapping one delicious thought after the other, savoring each one thoroughly.

The thought that places you in complete power of your life is the one to dwell deeply. The concept which opens your mind up to a Universe of new possibilities is the one which needs to be adored and cherished all day long. The thought which ignites the most awesome creative force inside you, is best to be held permanently sacred and true, if you wish to manifest the most outrageous success in your life. My invitation for you is to meditate upon perhaps one of the most enlightening and empowering thoughts that will ever be tossed across the creative canvas of the mind.  The thought I’d like you to play with this week is that… you are the highest authority in your life.

 This thought means that there is nobody, and no thing outside of you who has more power than you. You are the creator of your destiny and you are constantly manifesting the reality you see, smell, taste, touch, hear and experience around you.  Whatever direction and dimension you are placing your attention in each micro-moment, is what you are seeing, experiencing and manifesting more of. What’s amazing is that all these thoughts appear and disappear continuously out of a source of pure awareness.  Everything you want or don’t want is being created within this energy of awareness inside of you right now, and whatever you focus your mind upon will grow in energy and frequency.

“Do not strain yourself to understand all of life’s mysteries at once. Accept each one as it comes and fit it into the jigsaw puzzle, knowing that bit by bit each piece will be shown to you and will fit into place perfectly. Become like an empty vessel ready to be filled.” ~Eileen Caddy

Everything in this life is multi-dimensional and multi-sensual. This means there are many more layers and levels to explore after we scratch the original surface.  If you peer with an electron microscope into a drop of water, you will find layers of complex and unexplainable miniature worlds within each deeper world.  The great mystery of life multiplies, deepens, and expands the further we peer down the rabbit hole. The same applies to when we meditate on the concept that you are the ultimate authority of your reality. Take a few minutes to sit within the context of this concept and how it applies to your own life.  Notice how this little exercise shifts your experience of being alive.

When you initially meditate upon this idea for the first few days, you may have a variety of random responses.  You may notice your mind rejecting it, denying it, trying to ignore it, or making up a dozen reasons explaining how and why you truly are not the ultimate authority of your reality.  You may get caught up in old belief patterns that “prove” this idea to be completely wrong.  Your mind may also surmise that you understand the idea completely, and that there’s nothing further to learn from it.  You could also stop everything you’re thinking and surrender yourself completely to this super potent and juicy idea, and soon discover a plethora of hidden realms and enlightening paradigms within yourself which you never knew existed. 

Whenever something extremely powerful is introduced into our lives, it tends to disrupt the normalcy we previously had, and we may unconsciously tend to avoid it. Be careful of avoiding this concept on any level because it will place your life on the lower back burner, or worse drop it into the bottom of the barrel.  Whenever we start thinking that we already know everything there is to know about a particular subject, we believe it’s a dead idea and then we relate to that deadened energy within ourselves. There is always something to learn and master, even the greatest artists work harder to reach a higher state of perfection. 

When we look at the word “authority”, we see that has the word “author” in it.  You are the ultimate author of your life who is writing the script, telling the story and tale of who you are and who you are not.  What is the story you most want to stop telling?  What would happen if you simply stopped focusing on it?  When we feel into the quality of being the author of our life’s story, we can sense there’s something firm, solid, and unmovable in it. This is because the foundation of your being is unshakable.  You are the one who is undefinable on a spiritual level, and yet on a human level you spend your entire existence defining and labeling everything around you with words and thoughts flowing through your mind.

On a scientific perspective, being the authority of your existence is proven in quantum mechanics.  We now know that the basic structure of existence (atoms, electrons, quarks etc) exist for us only when we are looking at them.  The moment we remove our attention, they mysteriously disappear as if they never existed at all!  All quantum physicists agree that atoms (thoughts) don’t actually exist in one particular location either. Meaning, if you never look at any one problem or personal issue again with your mind or imagination, never giving it any more energy, it simply disappears from your reality forever. You are truly that powerful. You are the one who decides what atoms exist and don’t have priority or precedence inside your brain. You are the sole creator of the reality in your inner world. You are the Ultimate Authority, and nobody is higher, bigger or more powerful than you.

“He who thinks he is the doer is also the sufferer. You are pure consciousness beyond limitations, and it is reached by investigation into the “I.” ~ Ramana Maharshi

As you may have noticed, the rabbit hole tends to become more twisted and complex the deeper we peer into it.  Being the grand master and ultimate authority of your reality is not actually a decision or responsibility that you can create, lose, drop or find one day destroyed. It is your natural essence and your true inherent nature.  If you approach the concept trying to acquire it, as if it were an idea that could be kept safe like a secret treasure, then that means one day you will feel that you lost it.

You cannot acquire what you actually are, or lose connection with the source itself.  You are not actually the soul “doer” here, life is mastering itself, doing what it will through you. You can only forget and become ignorant of it, by being distracted by more enticing inviting things of this amazing world.  You only need to remember that you are always the manifesting master of your reality, and simply cannot be anything else. 

Another dimension and depth to this enlightening enquiry is asking yourself the top 10 questions you most need to ask yourself around it. For example, if you’re not the authority of your life then who are you?  Are you in love with yourself and your life?  If not, why not?  How are you relating with others you love in your life?  What’s your relationship with the idea of being empowered conscious being?  What would happen if you started interacting with everyone in your life from this reference point that you are a relaxed self-appointed authority of your reality? Are trying to control others in your relationships, attempting to prove to yourself and them that you’re the authority? What would your life be like to be free of any kind of disbelief around being the absolute creator of your reality?

If you ask yourself why are so many people not living this radiantly alive self mastered existence, you may find a lifetime of questions that soon follow. We have only imagined that we are powerless and fearful.  We believed in the fabrication of this lie because others we loved believed in it. We have also have entire lifetimes of victim-like karma that says we are not responsible for creating every detail of our reality. It’s from these powerless spokes of our karmic wheel that cause all the suffering in our life.  Once we can digest the truth that we are the center, the source of pure consciousness itself that knows no failure, is totally timeless, transcendent of pain, beyond space, and free from all limiting beliefs, then we discover our spiritual doorway to total freedom.

When we look at how our consciousness functions, we can see that it behaves much like the hub of a wheel from which your entire life radiates out from. As we see with any wheel, if it has no center, the radius and circumference cannot exist. You are this center, and so everything must stem from you.  The spokes of the wheel are your thoughts and feelings, and the totality of the sphere represents your life. If you step back from it all, you can see that the center is completely unmoving and this is what holds the entire wheel together. While the circumference and spokes continually move, change and spin, the center remains fixed at the core.

We can see things changing around us only because our center is un-moving.  If the center was moving everything would appear to be still.  We need a solid reference point or point of view to see movement in action.  We are that unmoving source which does not change, and thus are always influencing that which is around us. You are this fixed central Sun, the source of creativity, creating your life in each moment by itself.  You are a purely radiant infinite energy who is inventing everything around it in all directions.

You were free before you were born. Your consciousness has always been continuously creating some version of reality whether you were aware of it or not. Think about all the amazing things you’ve forgotten throughout the journey of your life!  When we can remember what is vitally important, we return to our life purpose and mission.  When we are aware that we are the ultimate authority of our every moment to moment reality, we are spiritually awakened, and have a greater ability to control and decide which direction we want life to go. Through simply realizing we are the ultimate authority, we are free. Otherwise, our life acts a lot like a sailboat without a keel or rudder, and our destiny is blown across the sea by the random yet highly intelligent direction of the wind.

When you know you are the ultimate authority of your reality, you don’t have to prove it to anybody, and especially not to yourself. From this self-realized perspective, you understand that you cannot lose your power, you always already are the hub of the wheel, and nothing can take this away. You are the power, the core that is manifesting whatever you desire in your life. Never again can this be altered, and no longer are you enticed to play the victim, villain, hero or unconscious saboteur in your relationships.  Instead, you naturally become more of the self-realized creative genius who is co-designing your entire reality from a place of enthusiastic love, lightness and joy!

“One who knows the Self has nothing more to do, nor has he any more thoughts. From then on, the infinite power will carry out all further actions that may be necessary for him.” ~Ramana Maharshi

You are the supreme ruler of your inner world, this is your territory. When there is no more small “you” to be hurt or lost, you are truly free.  Then, you no longer have to unwillingly cross over another treacherous ocean of fear, pain, agony, separation or lack to find that central paradise of calmness inside your heart and soul. When the ego is lost, the soul is found, and your thoughts no longer have power over you anymore.  When you truly realize who (or what) is that force which is always ultimately creating your reality, and that you can never ever be separate from that again, then you claim your sovereign birth right to master this life in all its dimension and form.

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Sending lots of love and lightness,

Jafree Ozwald

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