You Have Already Arrived

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  You Have Already Arrived  

  Written by Jafree Ozwald  

“There’s no way to freedom.  A ‘way’ means you have to start from somewhere and arrive somewhere.  This is the deception of the mind.  You don’t have to go anywhere to find freedom.  Forget about finding your way, you are already That which you are seeking.”  ~Papaji 

Most people have spent lifetimes seeking, yearning, and hoping for that special something to manifest before they can truly relax and be happy.  They feel that some unique experience has to happen first, in order to find real inner peace, feel deeply loved, be emotionally whole and healed, be spiritually free, financially abundant, or exquisitely happy on the inside.  This deep unconscious belief is causing all of humanity to suffer each day. We have all completely forgotten how to rest, how to look deep inside and feel into the roots of our deeper spirituality and consciousness that is beneath the mind. 

The mind exists because of one thing…desire.  We have a long list of desires inside. Without these desires, there is no mind. Try it out and see for yourself.  You’ll see how even your own mind has become obsessed and addicted to searching and seeking for your own personal thing that will make your life even more perfect than it is. The mind is the ultimate seducer and it will make you think that when you put in a lot of hard work and effort, then one day you will be done and arrive at the grand destination.

Perhaps your mind believes happiness will come in the form of financial freedom, the ultimate lover, a perfect relationship, that winning lottery ticket, your dream vacation, a better home, your ideal body or spiritual enlightenment.  Whatever the mind is desiring, it thinks that once you achieve that desire and arrive, then its job is finished!  The reality is it is happy for a few moments and then mysteriously it starts wanting something else!  The mind is so used to wanting and feeding from the fire of desire, that it doesn’t know any other route to find happiness.

The truth is there is no end to this spiritual journey, and as long as the mind is in charge, we will never find inner peace. Happiness is freedom from the desiring mind.  The mind is a skilled slippery con artist who is constantly keeping you away from happiness. It is working all the time, like a desiring machine, which only knows three things… wanting, wanting, and more wanting.

“The mind turned inwards is the Self; turned outwards, it becomes the ego and all the world.” ~ Ramana Maharshi

It’s super ironic that the mind is constantly searching for something that’ll cause it to stop searching.  Deep down it truly wants to be satisfied, yet it doesn’t realize how simple it is.  It would be deeply embarrassed to find out that all it’s years of constant wishing, hoping and trying to satisfy itself, is what’s responsible for every experience of being unfulfilled.  The mind is totally unaware that when all wanting stops, deep fulfillment instantly comes in.

If you find yourself constantly entangled in a web of never ending desires throughout day, you’ve simply become a desire addict.  There’s just been a little habit installed in your software that causes you to love wanting things all day long.  This is just a temporary phase on the path to enlightenment. You can unplug from this mindset without therapy or drugs.  It is possible, it just takes a bigger burning desire than what’s on your list of desires. A super burning hot flaming desire to be free from all your desires.  Can you imagine that?  You have to deeply want to find that which satisfies your soul and liberates you from the desire trap forever. Let yourself burn up in this one desire, and you’ll soon be finding a feeling of real peace that soothes your soul all life long. 

I want to make something very clear here, the energy of desire is not a bad thing.  It just creates a false sensation that you’re lacking something.  The truth is you are not lacking anything. You have everything you need within you. Sure you may want to pay your bills, clothe your body, and feed your family, yet these are healthy incentives which gets you out of the house to greet the world each morning with your gifts and talents.  The problem here is not desire, yet your attachment to it.  When desire becomes the main juicy carrot that drives your entire purpose for being here on Earth, then the experience of suffering takes over your life.

When desire is blinding you from relaxing into yourself, realizing your real spiritual essence, helping you to know how deeply connected you are to the Divine, then it is enslaving you instead of serving you.  When you make your list of outer desires more important than diving deep into your soul, it is distracting you and causing you to suffer. This life is about learning the art of letting go, how to trust in the releasing process and feel your soul will carry you on and on forever. You must get to know exactly who you are if you’re ever to conquer desire and be free. 

“In a cinema show, you can see pictures only in very dim light or darkness. When all the lights are switched on, the pictures all disappear. So also it is when in the flood light of the supreme Self, all objects and desires disappear.” ~ Ramana Maharshi

My invitation for you in this lifetime is to discover that special something that completely liberates you no matter what is going on in your mind.  I want you to realize this special something is always within you, and that it can instantly transport you beyond all the pain, agony and suffering that is being created by your mind.  It’s that one special thing that you can always rely on, no matter what, that will always bring you freedom, a feeling of bliss and deep satisfaction inside. If you are ready to know the great secret to always remaining satisfied with your life, take one large step back from your list of desires, and take one small step into your heart right now.

How to step into your heart? Imagine that its happening, however you visualize it is the right way that will work for you. You could simply place all your focus and attention on your physical beating heart right now, feeling a deep gratitude for its service to your life, and practice growing stronger in this thankful feeling all day long. You could also breathe into your heart, imagining it is opening up like a flower spreading its petals to the warm shining sun.  The key to this heart centering exercise is simply awareness.  Be aware of when you’re lost in the mind and its list desires.  Whenever you catch yourself getting sucked into the head, gently without guilt, bring your energy back into the heart.

One very important secret on this path to enlightenment is not to try stopping the desires from forming in your mind, as this would be counter-productive to life. Your desires are already there, and have been naturally changing and growing with you since you were a baby.  They have a life of their own, and until they are satisfied or liberated, they will remain there pulling at you. So I simply invite you to take a step back from your mind, and notice your relationship with your desires. Watch it very closely, intimately and notice what honestly is your mind really truly desiring?

Ask yourself, “What do you want more than anything in this life? If you were given one magic wish that would be guaranteed to come true tonight, what would it be?  The answer you find will reveal what is the real purpose of your life and a root reason why you are here. What is the greatest experience you are after in your life? Is it possible you can create a feeling that you’re arriving there right now?  Be open, it might be something you can give yourself instantly, instead of running for years after that carrot on the stick.  Be aware who is in charge of the relationship you have with your mind.  Notice what answers you come up with and don’t form any judgment whatsoever.

This invitation for you to find freedom from the desiring mind is very life challenging and radical task.  It is perhaps the most radical and challenging experiment you’ll ever take on in your entire life. Yet, try it out just for the next 24 hours, see if you can step back one inch from this desiring mind.  Call off your horizontal search for happiness and start resting and relaxing into this peaceful fulfilled desireless vertical reality.  This means fully being present to the moment, watching each of your desires rise and fall away. Just for one day, stop the addiction to desire, to the things of this physical world, and rest in your vast spiritual essence.  Be free from the mind and be present to that energy, consciousness and soul of which you truly are.

“Outwardness of the mind is suffering…inwardness is happiness.” ~Ramana Maharshi

It’s so ironic and healing at the same time, yet when you release your attachment to fulfilling your desires, somehow and someway your desires magically manifest for you. When you relax your tight clenched fist on what you really want, you become a receptive open hand for your desire to fall into. Whatever you want in life, wants you. The moment you relax into your true spiritual nature and step away from the spinning wheels in your head, you instantly start being the super powerful manifesting magnet you truly are.

You cannot escape from the gravity of Universal Laws, and the #1 Law here is that whatever you place your attention on is what you manifest.  By allowing your mind to remain addicted and attached to longing for desires, you’re simply thinking about what you don’t have, and manifest more lack and not having.  When you relax and focus on your spiritual nature, that which permanently satisfies your soul, you become a  magnet and start manifesting what you really want instantly.  By simply resting in the simple soft sweet essence of your being, you open ten thousand doors that will all take you home.

You were most likely taught to believe in the myth that in order to be someone amazing, you have to do something equally amazing.  The truth is that you don’t have to do anything to tap into feeling your divine nature and infinite spiritual essence.  By intimately knowing this is your natural state everyday, the old incessant desiring habit will drop on its own accord.  Just stop over-identifying with the desires in your mind.  Re-direct your attention to the heart, into that which is desireless, and you’ll naturally discover the divine all powerful manifesting intelligence already exists within you as you.

When you finally relax every part of your being, you naturally discover the enlightened being who you truly are.  You realize you are already tapped into an infinite creative source of love, joy and energy!  Yes, you are already that special something which you’ve been longing to become your entire life. You can call of the search right now. You are more amazing than you could ever imagine! You my friend {name} have already arrived! 

“You are the perfect shining light, which not only makes the existence of God’s kingdom possible, but also allows it to be seen as some wonderful heaven.” ~ Ramana Maharshi

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