You Have Permission to Be Totally Wild and Absolutely Free

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You Have Permission to Be Totally Wild and Absolutely Free

Written by Jafree Ozwald

Paradise is not somewhere that you need a map to reach. You are in paradise, you have only fallen asleep. All that is needed is an awakening.” -Osho

We all live in cages of some type, shape or form. When we feel disconnected from our spiritual nature, anything or anyone can feel like a prison. Perhaps our physical body, financial situation, emotions, spouse, or even our own limiting personality can make us feel stuck and trapped. The good news is that whatever cage that you are locked up in actually has a key. That key is sitting there, resting inside the lock, ready to be turned when you have had enough suffering and are ready to set your spirit free once again.

Turning your key simply manifests on its own after understanding a few basic principles about what real freedom is, and what it is not. Being totally wild and absolutely free is not some radical, rebellious, or disrespectful approach to life. It is also not about conquering some controlling authority “out there” who is dictating the rules how we should and shouldn’t live our lives. We don’t need permission from anybody else to manifest the life we want to create. Real liberation in life is not a pushing away to find freedom from someone or from something. It is more peaceful than that. It’s about finding that which is already free inside us to be, do and believe whatever we want.

Real freedom is about recognizing how you already are the final word and ultimate authority of your life. It is knowing that what you honestly believe is what becomes real, and this is the end truth and final reality. There are 7 billion different realities on the planet now, and you are one of them. The moment we choose to believe we can be a wild fully self-expressed fun free being, is the exact same moment we realize that we already are the absolute final authority of our lives.

The truth is that we are already constantly manifesting everything in our lives. Wherever we place our attention for an extended period of time, is where our energy flows and what we manifest. We are already one with the great God Source, and it is creating everything around us through us. Our greatest freedom comes from understanding this, surrendering to this truth, and feeling how it shows up in everything we do.

Every action we take in live is an expression and extension of our consciousness. Whatever you are feeling about yourself and life, is emanating energy out into the world around you. Nothing and no one is separate from each other, we are all impacting each other all the time. By becoming more sensitive to this truth, it becomes obvious how our own limiting beliefs are imprisoning us, and stopping us from living the amazing life we were born to live.

“Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace.” ~ Dalai Lama

The greatest transformations in life often show up in the most subtle and gentle forms. It is vital that we first see where the prisons exist in our lives, understand how each one is sustained each day, in order to demolish it from our own minds. Initially, we may not see the prison walls around us because we are so used to them. These invisible cell bars are all the limiting, skeptical, doubtful, and negative beliefs we carry each day. It is a long compromising list of constrictive ideas that we tell ourselves who we are, and what is impossible to achieve.

To give yourself permission to be totally wild and absolutely free starts with finding and releasing every limiting belief which you are clinging to, that makes you feel not so expansive and free. Find those heavy negative thoughts which you honestly feel are true and real about yourself, yet also make you feel sick, stuck, heavy, and very unhappy. Let them go because they are just ideas which no longer server your greatest good!

This may sound ridiculously simple, yet when you reach down into the core of you, you’ll find that the truth is that you are the God source itself, making up all the rules as you go, and that is all there is. When you are ready to empower yourself and manifest the most amazing life, you’ll discover this truth and then life just naturally becomes easier, more magical and amazing.

In order to stop being attached to all our limiting beliefs and heavy thoughts, we must deeply desire to be free. We must feel into our suffering inside, in order to let it go. There must be a visceral feeling in the body of the stuckness first, in order for the release to be real. Then, we must continuously step back from it, and see how every apparently good and bad belief we had about who we are, fall into the pile of small limiting beliefs. We must leave behind all beliefs to be free. Let go of all of our disappointments, hopes and fears if we want to truly start living because attachment to any belief will create some form of future suffering.

We must live life as if everything could end tomorrow, and also be this eternal spiritual being who knows that nothing could ever destroy us. This is your life, so live it to the max. You don’t know exactly how long you’re going to be around. The Universe has given you a mouth to smile with, and a body to enjoy. Don’t waste a day that you are here on this beautiful planet, go outside and live your life totally, fully and truly.

I invite you to try to feel what it’s like to be totally freed from the good and bad opinions of others. For this next week of your life, imagine how it might feel in your body to be completely, truly and honestly free from everyone’s thoughts, opinions and judgments of you. No matter what anyone says, it could be your mom, dad or some stranger, it does not reflect in ANY way who or what you are at all. Instead, you realize that the divine infinite spiritual being who you truly are is beyond all thought and concepts completely.

This non-attachment to others opinions of you is one of the most self-loving, natural and honorable ways we can live each day. This is the golden key that turns the lock to realizing at the core, who and what we are is already a powerful, divine and magnificent spiritual being. This spirit and soul who we really are in essence is already always free.

Take the risk to get to know your basic spiritual nature. Feel the essence of your infinite spirit inside. This is something that cannot be contained, imprisoned, nor taken away by anything or anyone in the outer world. Realizing this is real freedom, and this spiritually free feeling is our natural state of being. All exploration and expression from this place is the most loving act we can give to ourselves and others. The full expression of our real spiritual nature is the deepest gift we can give, as it is the greatest honoring of who we truly are.

You may think that becoming a wildly liberated human being is not the top priority on your to-do list this week, yet if it’s not in there somewhere, you definitively aren’t going to enjoy doing anything on that list of yours. Without wild freedom, your entire life becomes a chore, a burden, and heavy job that must be accomplished just so that you get your wants and needs met. If you don’t stop this nonsense and turn that golden key to unlocking spiritual freedom, you will miss out on the main core purpose of your life. Which is to enjoy the short time you are here and alive.

“It is only by experiencing truth on your own freedom happens. Freedom is the fragrance of the experience of truth.” – Osho

So the first basic step to freedom is learning HOW to continuously let go of what others think of you 24 hours a day. This means releasing what you think your immediate friends, family, coworkers, and lovers think about you. Honestly, do you know exactly what goes on in their minds? When you drop what you think their opinions are of you, you can actually release whatever your opinions are about you. As long as you are attached to what anyone thinks about you, you’ll never be able to be totally free from what your mind thinks, believes and perceives about you.

The mind is like a judge-a-holic. It is always judging, comparing and labeling something or someone, then changing it’s mind again and judging again. The mind is a genius and creating all sorts of fanatical exaggerated opinions beliefs and stories. When you understand this truth, its easy to totally let go of what others think of you for their opinions will always change. This creates the space inside you to think outside the box, and believe whatever you want to believe about who and what YOU are. This spaciousness is the very source of your greatest freedom. So step back from your thoughts, for they are all borrowed ideas from other people anyway.

Deep down, this life is more humorous and ironic than we realize. We are creating all of our suffering and joy all day long everyday. We are responsible for it all. The irony is that each day along this lifelong journey, at the very core of our being is a river of perpetual loving creative energy, overflowing with deep healing peace. We don’t have to go anywhere to find it. All we simply need to do is sit, become deeply relaxed in the body and train the mind to not cling to any thought that arises. It may take some time to relax the body, be truly cling free, and deeply find peace. Yet, doing so you will experience your soul essence and spiritual nature. There is nothing more important that you should be doing with your life.

The more often you practice being at peace with what arises in the mind, the easier it becomes to experience every “ordinary” thing in life as Divine. God follows us wherever we go. Whenever the mind clings to something extra important or special, notice this with awareness and don’t push it away. Don’t label anything as bad, wrong or a problem. If you do, this in itself will become what’s blocking you from feeling an enlightened liberated state. Just welcome all thoughts with great curiosity, and explore what is beneath each one. You’ll see that there is nothing there. Each thought is recycled information gifted from the outer world, that we shouldn’t take personally at all.

If you want to get down to the core of you, ask yourself some deep personal questions. What hole inside you are you trying to fill? Where do you feel trapped in your life and why? Write down these questions and your answers. Make this a 20 minute enlightening exercise that gently opens the door to your soul. When you discover where you feel trapped and empty, you’ll see why you’re clinging to those things that you cannot let go of. This understanding is the most important next step of your wild journey coming ahead.

The real battle is won when we see that there are no real enemies out there, and that the only real enemy is the imaginary one within our own mind. This realization is the sacred path to our enlightenment, and finding our inner wildness within is the bridge back to our spiritual essence simply because our spiritual nature is wild, free and untamable. Expressing this wild spirit within ourselves awakens us from the almighty ego trip we are on. It unlocks the door so that we can step into the vast Universe, and deeply take care of our wounded selves in the most sensitive, loving and healing ways.

When we discover this connection to our real spiritual nature, we instantly see how every human being is a soul and a spiritual gift to our lives as well. From this place, each person we encounter becomes the source of more love, joy and inner peace in our lives. When we give ourselves permission to FEEL spiritually connected when amongst others, we truly become the wild unstoppable free being we were born to be. We no longer feel wounded, avoid others or resist letting ourselves be nourished and loved. We start embracing the divinity that we all actually are.

The more we practice FEELING into this spiritual connection, the better life feels and the more real our divinity becomes. Understanding that you are a spiritual being, you realize there is nobody to fight with or against anymore. You see everyone as your friend and greatest teacher. When we can live 24 hours of one day knowing we are all sacred, divine, spiritual beings that will never ever die, we will stop suffering completely. The fight will end with others and within ourselves. We can all then realize together that we are the ultimate authority of our individual realities, and capable of creating Heaven any moment we want to on this Earth.

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Get ready to live a totally fun and fearless life!

Much love to you,

Jafree Ozwald

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