Your Biggest Trigger Is Your Greatest Teacher

Your Biggest Trigger Is Your Greatest Teacher Written by Jafree Ozwald   You don’t have to search very far to find your greatest teacher.  He or she is already in your life now.  Your teacher comes to visit you when you least expect it and shows up in the form of a "trigger".  The trigger we are referring to is that which bothers you the most about your loved ones, colleagues, family and friends.  It’s that special thing that they say, do, react to, or constantly repeat which no matter what you do, always drives you bananas!  Perhaps they act superior, judgmental, ignore you, are selfish, or just chewing their gum with their mouth open.  Whatever it is that sets off that atomic reaction of upset inside you is here to teach you how to become so big and full of Universal presence that you transcend it.  Each time you get triggered, you’re being asked to grow beyond your normal limiting beliefs and discover a deeper cavern of peace at the very core of your being.

"When you welcome your emotions as teachers, every emotion brings good news, even the ones that are painful." ~ Gary Zukav & Linda Francis

  If your mind is open, you can see that anyone and anything can be your teacher.  A teacher is whatever points you back inside yourself, so that you may stop living on the periphery of your mind and its thoughts.  Discovering how to approach a teacher-trigger is one of the most empowering and life transforming gifts you can give yourself.  You see, all the beliefs, ideas and judgments that cause you to get angry, sad or simply freak out are doorways to the Divine.  Each upsetting thought is only keeping you from experiencing each moment as sacred because you are not truly welcoming it and open to letting in the expansive lesson it has to teach you. Everything is pointing you back inside to seeing your Divine Nature because the Divine Source is within everything!  How could it be otherwise?  The mind may think the opposite, yet the truth is that the Universe ultimately wants you to experience yourself as outrageous love, radical inner peace and inspired creativity!  By allowing yourself to really feel your triggered feelings you can honestly explore that exquisite divine energy that within and beneath this now moment.  The day you devote your life to revealing this powerful truth, you will start looking forward to the next time that special someone triggers you.

"We create a whirlwind in our lives so that when we sit back and chill our life feels that much better."  ~Sri Eric Lee

By honoring and acknowledging these people who trigger you as teachers, their presence no longer offends you.  The second you see them your heart opens and you can enjoy the precious teaching that is coming your way.  Instead of projecting or blaming these people for being a certain way, ask yourself "How is this really ALL about me?"  In this asking you will find so much richness, gratitude and self-realization that you will discover the divine depth of who you truly are.  It is only through deep self-inquiry that you penetrate the illusions and judgments of the mind and can open yourself up to the infinite being you actually are.  Only through owning that your judgments are always projections of something you aren’t at peace with inside yourself will this perceived "negative" quality in them magically disappear!  By bowing down to honor your triggering teachers you regain the power to sit back and observe any ridiculous reaction you may have pounded them with, instead of being enslaved by it.

“When sadness comes, just sit by the side and look at it and say, “I am the watcher, I am not sadness,” and see the difference. Immediately you have cut the very root of sadness. It is no more nourished. It will die of starvation. We feed these emotions by being identified with them.” ~ Osho

It’s good to know that your triggers are often very sneaky slippery teachers.  They will come in all forms and sizes, and can be difficult to see.  You can spend months, years, or even decades letting a trigger run your life instead of realizing that it is the most holy of teachers showing you the way back home to yourself.  The easiest way to notice that a trigger-teacher has graced you with its presence is to pay close attention to what happens in your body.  Anytime your body becomes tense, contracted, and shut down, you have encountered an opportunity to learn a powerful freeing life lesson.  So please, for the goodness of creating more peace on this planet, the next time you get triggered, sit down, close your eyes and look inside.  Look for the deeper spiritual part of you that is already FREE from this horrific bodily contraction.  If you do this, the next time that trigger arises it will be a tad less painful and contain a ton more spiritual awareness.    Here are 3 powerful techniques that will help you turn your triggers into teachers:

1. When triggered, bring all of your awareness to your breath.  Breathing supports you in re-centering.  By focusing on your breath you can remain distant enough to truly observe those deeper memories and negative feelings that are creating the trigger.   The deeper and slower you can breathe, the more present you’ll become to this divine being underneath it all.  By watching the air move in and out of your body you are 100 times less likely to get trapped in your head making up some unhappy story about yourself and them.  When you are tuning into your breath you are more capable of experiencing that which never dies (your soul) and transcend this old unconscious habit of negative re-programming. 

2. In your mind, bow down and kiss the feet of the person who triggers you.  If you really want to become 100% "trigger-free" actually physically kiss the feet of the person the moment they trigger you.  Doing this there is no way you can continue with your old judgment and reaction.  If your ego cannot bare to stoop down to this level, simply do it within your mind.  Imaging you are kissing their feet tells your ego that they truly are your teacher and blessed guru.  Then every message that they speak afterwards you will actually be able to hear the Divine teaching pouring through them. 

3. Thank the person who triggers you.  You can do this as well in your mind, yet it’s 10 times more effective out loud.  Each time someone makes you angry tell them, "Thank you".  You are not thanking them for that mean thing they did or said, you’re giving them appreciation for pointing you inside to see where YOU still need to grow.  Whenever you send gratitude you stop buying into that enticing story that makes you a victim in your life,  and you slowly unravel the illusion of your trigger and stop your ego from believing it to be true.  Through gratitude you will see that deep deep down on a soul level, you signed up for this person to awaken you in this lifetime.  You will remember that they have always been a friend on your side, here to wake you up out of your suffering.  With appreciation, nobody can have power over you.  Through honest gratitude, you are finally able to become the master of your mind and your life!

It’s good to remember that you are this pure consciousness that can never be disturbed by someone else’s thoughts, behaviors, or actions.  You my friend can EASILY remember that you are this divine eternal presence everyday!  Each trigger you receive only serves as a wake up call leading you back to realizing the vast Divine consciousness is who you truly are.  So what a blessing to be triggered!  What an opportunity to radically reveal the Divine light within you, and inside all of your loved ones. Enjoy!!

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