It’s Your Choice…Freedom or Story

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It’s your Choice… Freedom or Story

By Jafree Ozwald

In each moment of life we have the choice to respond to others (or our mind) from a completely new, alive, and freeing space that is born in the NOW, or we can react from an older unconscious conditioned pattern that stems from a past story.  The choice is always yours in each second if you respond from a fresh place of freedom or from past conditioning.  The type of story we are talking about is not that enjoyable fantasy fairy tale story we all enjoy listening to around the campfire, it is the other one that we drag around like an old ball and chain attached to our hearts.

It’s the one we all know so personally, that is fixated on how another wronged us, or how we are struggling with money, or unable to find the love of our life, or create the career we really want.  We often unconsciously believe that by repeating the story over and over, it will help us to feel better about our lives.  Yet, what really happens is that by repeating what we don’t want to manifest in our lives, we simply become more wrapped up in the ego’s illusions of being trapped, helpless, and powerless.  The good news is that you always have the power to transcend your story if you can become conscious enough to see who it is that is creating it.

The tricky part in transcending your story is that our ego loves the drama of an emotionally juicy story.  It’s like chocolate ice cream to a child.  Our life’s traumas and deep issues are soooo personal, wild, crazy, and feel so real, that they often make us feel unique and that we are even someone “special”.  The truth is that we all have the same issues at the core.  They are basically being unloved, unwanted, and unworthy because we are too busy entertaining our victim story instead of being truly curious about recognizing our divine infinite nature.

These personal issues can make up a major part of who we think we are, so to let go of them, in many ways, can feel like letting go of our entire identity.  If we dropped the story we’d have to do the scariest thing of all….we’d have to totally reinvent ourselves!  Maybe we could be truly loved, free, powerful and without limitations.  Is this a challenge you’d be willing to take on?  Letting go of your story may feel like dying or it may feel like you are being reborn.  The experience you have again is all within your interpretation and perception.

How to transcend your story? Just watch it.  Don’t participate it in!  Notice if you are focusing on what you want or don’t want.  Notice if you are being present to the NOW, or reprogramming yourself with more illusions from your past.  If you find that you are really stuck putting energy into how you aren’t enough of this or that, and essentially playing the “victim game” again, then follow these 3 powerful steps below.

1.  Stop telling the story. When you hear yourself telling somebody your famous “story”, just stop yourself even if it is in mid-sentence.  As soon as you stop repeating your story, you stop giving it energy and the story soon withers away.  Imagine a big red stop sign in front of you and simply stop the story!  Don’t even let yourself listen to your story.  Each time you see your mind going off into the realm of your favorite story, stop the wild horses of the mind and pull it back to the present.  Stories cannot exist in the present for they are just your ego’s viewpoint about some past event.

2. See through the illusions of this story.  Imagine right now in your minds’ eye that you are taking 5 large steps away from your story.  Take a few deep breaths in and become the observer.  Look at your story like you were watching a movie or TV show.  Recognize that it is just that; some drama being played over an over on your ego’s video screen.  Now that you are separate from the story, it is easier to see the Truth of it and be free from it.  The truth is that something happened in your life that your ego did not like, and that may not have been Ok by any stretch of the imagination.  However, when you hold onto the fact that this happened and you start berating others and yourself for this event, you create more negativity in your life.  Do you want to be free instead and manifest more of the amazing stuff that life has to offer?  I am sure that the answer to this question is a resounding “YES”.    Freedom comes from putting distance between you and the story, and seeing that the story is truly an illusion of the past that the ego is stubbornly holding on to.

3. Replace your Story with Gratitude.   Now refocus your mind on what is working in your life.  What can you be grateful for right now?  There are literally thousands and thousands of things that you can be grateful for no matter who you are.  You can be grateful that the sun rose this morning to heat our planet, that you have clean drinking water, that you are breathing in this moment, etc…  Just look around at your life and notice how it is full of so much beauty and so much abundance.  The more time you spend in gratitude, the faster your ego stories will die and become only distant memories.  When you are in a place of gratitude, you automatically send out positive energetic vibrations which in turn magnetize to you the kind of positive uplifting things you want to manifest. Once you leave your story behind, you can see the Truth of your existence, and experience total freedom from your ego’s suffering and limiting beliefs.

It’s good to know that all of your stories were created by some life event (big or small) that actually happened.   Then, the mind/ego assigned a specific positive or negative meaning to these events.  We invite you to notice this week which stories you tend to repeat to people.  Are they positive or negative stories?  Who would you be without these stories?  Keeping a negative story alive may even attract in more negative events which will in turn create more stories.

The good news is that you can easily break free of the story and create deep feelings of peace and freedom.   The reality is that you are not your ego, nor your body, nor your STORY.  You are an infinite being who is freedom and love itself.  You are and always will be so much vaster than any story your ego has made up.  You will continue to exist long after this story has been forgotten by you and the world.  Your being is naturally expansive and completely free.  You have just been covering up your true infinite nature with stories.

In each moment of your day, you have the power to choose to embrace that which leads to freedom or go back into being trapped in some egoic story.  So go ahead right now and make a conscious choice to be liberated once and for all from your stories!  You can do it!  If you need assistance identifying where you are stuck, we’d be happy to help you remove your blocks.  Our 90 Day Super Manifesting Program has many techniques and exercises that are designed to help you break free of your stories and live a life of freedom and abundance.  Check out our Super Manifesting Online Experience at:

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May you know deep in your heart that you are always free!


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