Your Imagination Is Powerful

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Imagine You Are a Golden Fountain of Healing Light {name}
For the next few minutes I’d like you
to explore how powerful your mind truly is…

Imagine that there is an infinite source of golden light
entering into the base of your spine right now.

This powerful energy is being pulled up
your spine with each breath you take.

With every inhalation of your breath,
more energy is moving up your spine and
filling up your stomach, chest, back, head and limbs.
Your enter body is becoming a fountain of golden healing light!

Naturally and slowly it cascades out the top of your head
and flows all down around your skin, covering your entire body.
With every breath the light becomes brighter and more energized.

Relax into this experience and allow yourself
to accept a growing sense of peace within you now.
Notice what changes occur inside you by 
placing your imagination in this creative direction.

There is a power inside you {name} which enables
you to create any experience you wish to have.
What does it feel like to know that you have this power right now
and you’ll have it every day for the rest of your life?

The healing benefits from just 3 minutes
of this visualization are profound.

It will attract more love, health, abundance, and happiness to you!

It’s good to know that for the rest of today,
every cell throughout your body will continue increasing in this 
golden healing energy continuing to grow
giving you a much richer more abundant life…enjoy!!!


Sending an abundance of positive vibes your way…

Jafree Ozwald


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