Your Life is a Celebration!

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Written by Jafree Ozwald

“For God’s sake, know love directly. Enter into it and only then you will be satiated and happy. Real love alone will make life festive, entertainment won’t.” ~Osho

You have been put on this earth to celebrate this incredible gift called the amazing life of {name}. You were born to experience life in all its multi-dimensional ways and celebrate this miraculous being that you are! With every new day there is something awesome to discover inside you.  The world that you can see, smell, taste, hear and touch is there to tantalizes your senses, open your heart, expand your mind so that you find a perpetually expanding feeling of being alive. This is how we can find true divinity inside ourselves.

What if your mission here was to experience as much pleasure as you can?  It is, and in fact this is the only way you can increase your vibration and manifest miracle after miracle!  You weren’t born to suffer endlessly. What would be the purpose of that? Your body and mind were designed to indulge in continuous waves of joy, happiness and ecstasy.  We have the physical capability of experiencing one pleasurable peak experience after the other.

Humans are the only animal on earth who are multi-orgasmic. Our bodies and minds were created in such a brilliant way that there is no limit to the number of orgasms we can enjoy.  We can choose to allow ourselves to rise in pleasure forever.  We can also welcome in such overwhelming feelings of joy that tears of gratitude start pouring down our eyes.  Just thinking about the happiest moments of your life, tears can come.  Try to remember all of them as if they happened yesterday and you’ll ignite the happiest healthiest chemical cocktail in your brain.

To celebrate yourself means you are allowing in your most authentic pleasure.  You know who you truly are, what you’re capable of manifesting and are constantly letting in the greatest resource of love.  You know your unlimited potentiality and that there is nothing you cannot do with enough time, intention and love.  To get to this higher vibration takes intention and focus.  Start with making a list of all the things you love about being alive. Write down all the moments you were totally blown away by life, and completely astounded by how magical everything truly is.  Include on this list everything that you love about yourself.  This is not an egotistical list, yet what you really appreciate about this amazing being you are! You’ll be surprised how powerful and transforming this exercise is.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines! Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover!” ~Mark Twain

Nothing is a coincidence in your life.  It is all a grand symphony of moments playing together, offering it’s favorite song to any listener passing by. If you are not truly enjoying your life to the max today, you have simply forgotten the purpose of your life.  It just happens that we forget we are here to celebrate who we are because we’ve been seduced by the outer world and all its exquisite entertainment. There are so many movies, websites, apps, games, books, shows, classes and events where we get to sit back and be entertained without having to do a thing. We also have the habits of being constantly entertained by alcohol, drugs and food. The truth is our western society has become deeply lazy, and completely hypnotized by everything “out there” and we have forgotten the divine soul that is on the inside.  We have become puppets to the world, slaves to our mind, and constantly seduced by outer forces that help us stroke our emotional heart strings.

The experience of being entertained is quite different than celebrating ourselves, this world, each other and our lives. We are not dependent on the outer world to celebrate our inner world. We realize that our soul is the reality and the reason for celebration. From this place we are conscious participants in life, truly being with others, always interacting and fully engaging in each living breathing moment. We live in a constant state of feeling connected on a very deep level, which opens us up spiritually.

In a life of entertainment, we become spectators in a game who are passive, disconnected and more likely to become unconscious.  We are constantly seeking for connection and this makes us miss the connection that is available here and now.  In this ever seeking state, we end up withholding our love, wisdom, and creativity because we think the divinity is outside us and not inside.  We then become exhausted with looking for love outside, and then end up just spectating and not participating.  We watch how others are enjoying their lives, and then when we finally decide to engage with others we often feel like a novice, and as if they were separate from us.

When you’re living life as a celebration you never feel separate from the world.  You feel how others feel separate, yet you yourself always feel the source of connection to everything and everyone.  It’s so natural to just stand up and dance, laugh, sing and tap your feet with whatever music that is playing in the background.  In a life seduced by entertainment there is no desire to move your own body.  When the music is playing, you are not in a state of awe, and listening as if it’s some outside noise that cannot enter your soul.

“The man who has lost the power of wonder is a dead man.” ~ Albert Einstein

When we are living life as a celebration, the way in which we approach others becomes truly intimate and heart opening.  This doesn’t change when we are with our partner in the bedroom.  We can open and feel the connection easily because we’ve spent our enter day in that same space. If we are overly used to being entertained by an outer force, we cannot know what its like to engage in real intimacy and love.  We may fear being fully seen and hide parts of ourselves we think are not acceptable.  So we remain a spectator, and end up watching our beloved from a very near distance, and experience a connection which doesn’t include our full heart.

Living your life as a celebration is a radical way of living life.  It means loving and enjoying ourselves so deeply that we are able to totally melt and merge with a partner who loves us. Being with someone then is not about pleasing the other nor pleasing yourself, as as it is about surrendering to the pleasure that consumes us completely.  It’s not about reaching a peak state of orgasm once or twice a week and then falling asleep feeling depleted, but that both partner’s are experiencing orgasm after orgasm and feel completely whole fulfilled in love and surrendered in bliss.

When you’re living your life as a celebration you can truly make love with your partner.  It becomes about raising your vibrations together. Creating a real multi-orgasmic healing experience can only happen as a team.  Only when a couple is merged together mentally, emotionally, spiritually can they reach one of the highest experiences a human can have.  By working together we become one merged living breathing being, and from this state we satiate our never ending thirst for love.  If we don’t trust this merging we cannot know the greatest love there is, and will always live in some from of misery.  Merging is the only way to total freedom, and truly liberating oneself from the ego.  Through merging we find that every moment is a celebration of this amazing existence exactly the way it is.

The first step is often getting our brain to think the positive helpful healing thoughts that will make our lives amazing. To have a mind that isn’t contradicting itself and struggling to visualize the life it truly desires. I’ve put together a program that will retrain your brain to become a powerful ally who works for you, and not against you.  Everything you need to raise your vibration and manifest the life of your dreams is found in my online Super Manifesting Program. 

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Sending lots of love and lightness,
Jafree Ozwald

  “Enlightenment is stillness of mind.”  ~Papaji

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“There are no accidents or coincidences in this world. Nothing is by chance. Everything you’re experiencing is a direct manifestation of where you’re focusing your energy, attention and consciousness.” ~ Jafree Ozwald

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