Your Life Is Miraculous

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Your Life Is Miraculous

Written by Jafree Ozwald

“You live, you love, you lose, you learn, and someday you might laugh.” ~ Anonymous

There is something extremely magical happening right now, in this very moment of your life. You may not be aware of it, or care to take notice, yet it is here and it continues to go on being magical all the time. It happens so frequently that it can seem normal, obvious and typical, which is why you might tend to overlook it everyday. Yet, truly this magical thing is more amazing than the mind can fully believe or comprehend. This miraculous thing I’m talking about is your life, and it is happening inside of you, through you, to you, and for you, right now.  There is a perpetual creation of the experience of ‘you’ occurring, just for you to enjoy you. There’s not much you can do about it.  The best thing to do, is to just let go and completely surrender yourself to the experience. 

On a physical level, there are millions of miniature life giving processes happening inside your body right now.  There are energies that are keeping your heart beating, your lungs breathing, your hair growing, your teeth from decaying, and allowing your heart to relax and sleep tonight. Your diaphragm is pulling in a continual flow of oxygenating energy into your lungs, while your body is pumping blood to trillions of cells, lovingly transporting the great river of life giving energy to every cell throughout your body. In this moment, as you sitting here reading and understanding this sentence, billions of brain cells are being engaged in understanding these concepts. It is only in this now moment that you can find this miraculous experience called life, and discover where it is coming from.

When you stop to appreciate ALL of the wonderful things that are occurring in your life, this highly sensitive extrasensory perception begins opening within you.  You begin feeling and sensing the Divinity that is behind every breath and heart beat. This sweet sensitivity increases to the point where you can feel the vibrant matrix of intelligence that is weaving itself through all thoughts and things.

It’s amazing what a little appreciation for life can open up in you!  When you start to be grateful for all the little things that you usually take for granted, you can begin to see, smell, taste and hear the deeper meaning of your existence. It becomes possible to actually know on a spiritual level why you are here, and what is the true meaning of your life. You see that everything that is happening around you is actually a miracle, because you realize that YOU also are a miracle. 

Perhaps one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves, is the experience of conscious awareness. We can watch the mind think, perceive and make up all sorts of explanations about ourselves and our life.  We can see that when we make the slightest most subtle shift in our perception of reality, our entire attitude and exploration of life changes.  Our body responds differently to stimuli that it once believed was threatening, and we find an entirely new reason for being alive.

The mind is the greatest inventor of lies.  It never actually sees the Truth in all its perfection.  It can only see fragments of the Truth, catch a glimpse of it here and there, and try to capture it with some fixed yet random creative expression.  It is always making up stories about other people, the world, yourself, and the way that life is.  It makes these enormous glorious assumptions to courageously capture the Truth, and fit it into a beautiful box that others can appreciate and praise. Yet, the Truth is too big for the mind to contain.  The Truth is everything in the Universe that is here now.  The mind can only hold onto two things, the past and the future. The mind cannot just be here now in the present.  The moment the mind completely surrenders into the burning fire of the Now, all grasping disappears and all of your suffering created by the mind is gone.

“The singer exists only in singing. The walker exists only in walking. So is the ego; the ego exists only in clinging, in possessing things, in dominating things. When there is no domination, no desire to dominate, no desire to cling, no desire to possess, the ego starts evaporating.” ~Osho

If you wish to experience the truly miraculous being that you are, and get a real taste of the amazing life that is yours to enjoy, you must drop the mind.  You must give it up completely, and let go of all clinging to its righteous beliefs, and ways of thinking. That is the only way to be truly alive. Otherwise, you’re just living in tomorrow or yesterday, missing out on this wondrous moment of life.  The true you can only be found here, in this now moment and one day this body and mind will be gone, which is why this experience of your life is so very precious.

Yes, your life is sooooo precious {name}!  Take the time today to truly enjoy you being here, right now and totally alive. How often do you appreciate the opportunity you have just to experience what it is like to be alive? This appreciation is your ticket to freedom.  It is the main vehicle for liberating yourself from the mind, and its many prisons.  To see, feel and smell the divinity within all things, you must drop all attachment to the mind and its entanglements.  You must merge with it, find peace with the mind within you. Just imagine that you are the Sun, and the mind is a small hard comet heading towards you, about to get burned up in the Sun’s sacred fire.   

My invitation for you right now is enormous.  Stop trying to get anywhere. Just drop the mind, and see how much you can really enjoy this day that you are still alive. In this very moment you are still here, who knows about the next moment!  Remember this, and choose to do everything you can to be radically alive. My request here is not that you try and push yourself further into your known list of sensory pleasures, mental distractions, or physical addictions.  I’m challenging you to go deeper into your aliveness, your spiritual nature, and find a deeper more authentic joy inside of you.  One that contains a deep healing relaxation within it. I want you to find the peace that is within your soul.  It is here now, and will help you transcend every hidden anxiety and self-sabotaging behavior you have had. 

I want you to become so alive, so vibrating with life, that you suddenly realize that you cannot hold on to all your worries and fears, that they are no longer your priority.  Imagine, how would it feel to be so relaxed and excited about your life, living in this magical body-mind vehicle you are in that you forget all insecurity and fear?  What if the main mission of your life was to do this?  What if finding absolute unending joy was as simple as being fully here now, welcoming this sacred moment, and whatever the experience is giving you.  What if the goal of your life was to cherish yourself, in each precious moment, as if this was the first or last moment of your life?  How would you live this day differently if this was your truth?

“One must have chaos in oneself in order to give birth to a dancing star.” ~Friedrich Nietzsche

Did you know the translation of the word “sin” means to miss the target?  I see that life is like a game of darts where the bulls eye target is being fully here, in this NOW moment. This is where the Divinity, your divine essence is found. It is the only place and space it is discovered, so why be any where else?  It is just the habit of the mind to be somewhere other than here now.  When you take your eye off the target for an instant, you miss the goal of your life completely. When you are relaxed, open, present and fully surrendered to what is here now, you can trust life, enjoy being held by life, and hit the target each time.

The one thing that will always bring you into the now is your body and your breath. I would like you to practice listening to your body intimately, and feel into how it is breathing into you this week. Really listen, what is it telling you?  The body does not lie, and its going to clue you in on an entire collaboration of vital information that you really need to know.  Listen super closely, as if it were whispering to you from a place very far away. Notice what is the one message it has for you right now?  It is pointing you inside, deeper inside to the point of absolute relaxation, totally dissolving all tension, where you can find real inner peace.  It is through your body that you will find the real you, who is forever intimately connected with the Universe. 

When you practice listening to your body, letting go of the chit-chat in your mind, you start to hear these subtle messages from the Universe that guide you through the daily matrix of life.  The Universe will show you how to get through this life, how to navigate your way into finding Heaven on Earth.  This is your purpose for being here.  To find Heaven is here, in this now moment. When you deeply relax into yourself, into your life exactly as it is, you can discover the greatest miracle of all. You can trust that you are on the right path in every moment of your existence.  You just see, feel and deeply accept that you cannot get off the path, no matter what you do. 

This is true, because you are the path.  The path is before you, beneath you and right where you are.  Walking on the path you see everyone is perfect just the way they are. You begin noticing that everyone fits into the grand perfection, with all of their many imperfections, and realize the great miracle of them all, is always here.  Here, the most magical source of living is discovered, the real intimacy with life, the meeting of the Divine with the mundane, in every ordinary and extraordinary experience.

“Liberation is not very far away, it is just hidden behind you. Once you are authentic the door opens. We can be such liars, pretenders, hypocrites, so deeply false; that’s why we feel liberation is very far away. It is not! For an authentic being, liberation is just natural as anything.” ~Osho

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Sending plenty of abundant feelings your way…

Jafree Ozwald

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