Your Mission Is To Be Outrageously Happy

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Your Mission Is To Be Outrageously Happy
Written by Jafree Ozwald 
“It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves, and it is not possible to find it elsewhere.” -Agnes Repplier
What if your main job in life was to be soooo happy that you contagiously made everyone else feel happy too?  How would you start your day?  What would you begin thinking about the moment you were awake?  What would be the most important thing you did that made you feel lighter, more free, and alive with life?  When you choose this higher energetic frequency that’s full of love, joy and gratitude, you’ll notice some wonderful side benefits arise.  You magically start manifesting all of sorts of abundant opportunities, experiences and people!  You become a powerful manifesting magnet, for everyone wants whatever you’re having for breakfast and you’ll see almost everyone go out of their way just to be in your bubbly presence.  
By choosing to be authentically grateful for anything in your life, you instantly achieve happiness.  This is not about covering up or hiding any constricting emotions like sadness, frustration, guilt, desperation and fear.  They will always be there on that lower bandwidth to drop into when need them.  You simply expand your energy into a body that is flowing with a highly conscious and alive state.  Happiness is simply a decision and choice that you can make no matter what your circumstances are.  In each moment of your life, no matter what is occurring in your outer world, you can look for the blessing hidden in disguise. 

In every moment you always have the option to choose to appreciate something about yourself, the world or someone else.  You can train your brain to look on the brighter side of the road.  What you have or don’t have doesn’t have to determine your state of happiness.  You can simply choose to feel happy for no reason at all!  Just because you are still breathing and alive in this amazing body that has the natural born power to attract and manifest anything that you desire.  Now, this is something to get really happy about!  Yes, it all boils down to the first thought you choose to think in the morning the moment you wake up.  I highly suggest you practice for these first 3 minutes to see yourself as a deeply loving sweet being who is receiving an abundance of love, joy and appreciation from the community around.  

 “Act happy, feel happy, be happy, without a reason in the world. Then you can love, and do what you will.”  ~ Dan Millman
 If you’re having trouble finding a glimmer of joy inside you, then surrender to the greatest experience of happiness you can remember having in your life.  Replay those past moments in your imagination, and feel what that time in your life was like AS IF it was happening to you right now!  This is the secret.  Perhaps you were a child, simply playing in the sandbox with the warm sun shining on your back.  Feel the warmth of sun, and soft sand between your toes.  Whatever happy memories you can find, let yourself bathe in the feelings that are hidden within you.  Be thankful that you have these memories and feelings to replay and enjoy.  The more you can feel these happy feelings, the more they ignite that blazing fire of joy sleeping inside you!  Soon you will find your most authentic expression of joy and be able to express it everywhere you go.  Happiness simply creates more happiness.  Once you are continuously vibrating at this level, the Universe will reward you with even more satisfying experiences and people that build into even happier feelings and experiences!

As a spiritual being in this world, your job is to go beyond the ego’s challenge of always trying to be happy and always trying not to be unhappy.  This game is all about the ego satisfying itself in the moment, where it’s always secretly attempting to avoid unhappiness and cling to happiness.  Don’t participate in this dramatic game, as this internal efforting will only create more suffering.  All of those unhappy thoughts and feelings are just caused by thoughts and these are not who you truly are!  You are a spiritual being, a soul, who is much bigger than a handful of thoughts.  You are going to exist even after this body has gone, you are this vast limitless consciousness itself! 

By simply choosing to see that you are not these happy or unhappy thoughts, yet the witnesser behind them, you discover that you are already free from them.  Then you never need life (or your mind) to be a certain way to be happy.  You don’t have to become anything better, or figure out any problems in your life to be “happier”.  You can simply realize the truth of who and what you already are.  You are the very source of awareness itself, and this will never die.  As you practice each day stepping into a greater spiritual experience of realizing the infinite soul you truly are, you stop playing that fear based game of life and death.  You realize that you have an infinite number of lifetimes to get it right and discover the joy of being alive.  Once you truly realize this is why you are here, you’ll let go of this old game and discover that true everlasting happiness suddenly finds you!

 “Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved.”  ~Osho

Everything you want to manifest in your life comes to you much easier when you stop trying to force it to come.  The exact same principle applies to happiness.  You cannot force happiness by achieving anything in the outer world.  Everything that exists “out there” will only temporarily make you happy, then it will fade away and the ego will go back to wanting something else again.  To transcend this deep desiring pattern, refocus on how much joy is available from being the infinite soul you already are.  Remember, at the core you are the God Source itself and you have access to unlimited creativity, intelligence, love, power and wisdom.  What is better than that?  You can manifest anything you want when you realize this truth about you, and easily learn how to become even more attuned to this Divine Source within you.  Focus on this one thing and you will be well taken care of in this lifetime…guaranteed.  Everything you want and need in life is going to manifest, and will happen easier when you can relax, feel empowered and be in gratitude! All the details will take care of themselves. Believe it and you will see it for yourself.  

Would you like to know the greatest secret to remaining in a perpetual state of happiness?  OK…this is a big one so ground yourself here.  The secret is learning how to trust yourself and the Universe soooooo deeply that you can relax fully and remain completely present to this “now” moment.  No matter what activity you are engaged in, simply surrender to it.  Perhaps you’re doing dishes, then you’d feel the warm water running over my hands and enjoy the experience of cleaning the plates.  The more present you can be in whatever action you’re doing, the more you’ll be absorbed by the NOW moment which is where all the gold is found.  If you can remain only in the now, you will discover all the greatest secrets man is searching for around the world.

When it happens to you by grace or by mere surrender are you are truly in the NOW, you instantly access your true divine nature, your real authentic self, and you stop worrying about the past or future completely.  You naturally live in a sweet innocent blissful state, as you have a deep awareness about where the mind wanders, and it gently finds it way back into the present moment.  Unhappiness stops happening to you because the ego stops thinking that something is “better” out there and that should be happening instead!  When you are fully surrendered to the present moment with your full being, you align with the natural rhythm of existence and discover such a great beauty and joy for simply being in the now. 

“Be a dynamo of irrepressible joy!  If you are in peace, I am at peace.  If you are happy, I am happy!  Be happy!”  ~Babaji

Living each day in the present moment you find out how EASY it is to manifest anything you want in your life.  Things simply come to you easily, effortlessly and even instantly in this physical world.  Manifesting is much easier than you have imagined especially when you are in the now and feeling full of radiant joy.  You realize that happiness is your natural state of being and it is always available in each new moment.  All you ever have to do is relax, be thankful for what is, and let your joyful self shine!  You let go of trying to figure out how to do it, or change something (or someone) in your life so that you can be happy.  If you’ve noticed, anytime you’ve tried to change anything, you actually stopped being grateful in that moment because you were operating from your head and not from your heart.  Happiness is always found from living from your heart….always.

  It is the perpetual student in life who learns and grows beyond the teacher who has “all the answers”.  Always be a student of life.  Always remain curious.  Make it a priority to laugh, sing, dance and play a little everyday.  You’ll adapt to the joyful vibration much easier and start to have fun with whatever you are doing.  The Universe rewards those who can let go and enjoy this gift called life.  This is what you signed up for and truly why you are here.  To master the joy vibration and spread it to all the other beings in the Universe.

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Sending lots of love and lightness,
Jafree Ozwald


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