Month: February 2017

Enlightening Inspiration

How To Tap Into Your Unlimited Potential

How to Tap Into your Unlimited Potential   By Jafree Ozwald “You are the all-pervading, all-transcending Reality so behave accordingly.” ~ Nisargadatta Throughout your entire life you were programmed by the system to believe that you were limited in power, intelligence, and energy.  Everyone around you believed they were […]


What is Tantra

The Enlightened Path of Tantra Tantra is not about sex or spiritual sexuality, this is a very small piece of what tantra is about. The ancient Sanskrit definition of Tantra means, no book or direct experience. Tantra is the intimate connection with the Divinity within ourselves and in everything around […]

Enlightening Inspiration

Why Meditate?

The Essential Secrets to Meditation, Mastering the Material World and Transcending Suffering NOTE: Please feel free to listen to my FREE Quiet Mind Meditation as it will help you relax deeper into your Self and find the infinite peace within your soul. The secrets to mastering the material world and transcending suffering […]