How to Access your Infinite Sky-Like Self

How to Access your Infinite Sky-Like Self

Written by Jafree Ozwald

“Turn within and become liberated because it’s all a dream.”  ~Robert Adams

I invite you to take a small step back from your mind right now and simply witness the thoughts passing through it. Imagine that the thoughts you see are like puffy clouds floating through a vast empty sky. Of course, some of your thoughts can be quite dark, dense, and tense, while others feel light, white, and extra fluffy. Simply be the witness to whatever thoughts you are having, and notice how the weather is in a constant state of change.

I’d like you to also notice how the vast empty sky (which holds your thoughts) does not discriminate against what types of clouds can or cannot pass through. It allows every kind of thunderstorm and hurricane to enter with grace into its infinite space. Notice how your true inner sky does not grasp onto or push away any particular cloud formation. The sky allows every cloud to remain there, as long as it may need to and allows each cloud to dissipate whenever it feels like its ready to die and not a moment sooner.

“The whole sky of your inner being is without thoughts, without clouds.” ~ Osho

I think what I really love about the sky is its inherent qualities. The sky is always open and receptive. It is yielding, forgiving, and forever expansive. The sky has no beginning and no end to it. It is always accepting and welcoming, making space for whatever wants to enter it. The sky does not discriminate, judge, or hold back from anything or anyone.

The sky is an infinite amount of space, enough for the trillions of planets, stars, and galaxies. It is the foundation for the existence of the Universe, and it will always have enough space for whatever wants to show up and be present. Just like the sky, these are the same qualities of consciousness, your essential spiritual nature.

Eternity is an inherent quality of your true essence. Who you truly are, is pure, conscious, and without any boundary. Your ego (a collection of ideas about yourself) is full of boundaries and limitations. The clouds cannot exist without a sky to hold them. Everything must have an opposite to exist in life. Your unlimited infinite nature must also exist because we believe we are limited and think death is real. When it comes down to it, there is only the one Self. Pure consciousness. It is the witness for everything and is without boundaries or limitations. It is as welcoming and permissive as the limitless sky.

Look within, see the Self. Then there will be an end of the world and its miseries.” ~Ramana Maharshi

It’s to be expected that the complex ego-mind with all its emotional thunderstorms will get in the way of knowing the vast boundless infinite being we truly are. We are designed to lose sight of the Truth. We are meant to misunderstand and forget our true spiritual nature. Each time we start to feel limited, stressed out by life, and lost, we build up a blindness that motivates us to seek out some form of sight of our truth. The darkness makes us yearn for our Light…our infinite spiritual nature.

Enlightenment is a choice to exist as pure awareness

The experience of losing sight of your infinite nature is necessary, and a mandatory part of this great journey through life. The seeming loss of your sky-like self makes you become even more aware and awake, so that you eventually expand beyond all the clouds and into the vast infinite sky above, seeing the bigger picture of it all.

The good news is that there never will be a boundary to the sky. Even the air that you’d breathe inside the darkest dungeon is still air that is connected to the highest stratospheres above. The atoms of air move freely and are always exchanging in between your body and the infinite sky above. Look around, perhaps you might notice that the air around you is not disconnected from the infinite sky above. This next inhalation that you are breathing right now, is connected to the infinite sky.

The secret to having continuous access to your sky-like self is very simple. Just don’t take any cloud seriously or personally. Watch and observe them and notice how each cloud forms out of nothing and dissolves back into nothing. Sure your thoughts are very entertaining to watch, yet there will never be anything more amazing than the freedom that comes from being as free and infinite as the sky. Nothing is more healing and liberating than this.

 Deep down inside yourself you already know that you are not ANY of these ideas you were given about yourself, you are the witness to each of these ideas. You know that you are the watcher who is watching these thoughts pass through. You are aware enough to know that you are not these white happy puffy fluffy clouds or these horrible dark thunderstorms. You know that you are the vast infinite sky that welcomes it all!

However, this life is all about growth and your soul has come here to learn and evolve. You are here to deepen in knowing your sky like nature. Until it has fully become grounded in your breath, in your heartbeat, and in every movement of your soul.

We all must practice awareness of this knowing until the day comes when it is permanent. We must practice stopping the mind from dwelling on the perpetual spin cyclone of desire, and remember that we are free… forever free like the sky. It is only when we are fully being here now, in this very moment, can we realize that we already are this vast pure consciousness.  We will wake up and remember that we are free, and then we will forget it and fall back asleep a thousand more times.

It is our karma to experience days where our inner weather patterns accumulate more precipitation, and we feel like life is heavy, dark, overwhelming, and even dismal. Perhaps a deeper part of ourselves is attempting to ignore a massive thunderstorm that’s been hanging overhead. The mind likes to hold onto those light sunshiney days, where there were only blue skies, rainbows, and not a cloud to be seen.

Remember the sky (your soul) is here to experience everything! It is here to explore all the good and bad dualities of life. Whatever clouds you are currently clinging to are simply clouds your soul has deemed ‘worthy’ of clinging to. For whatever karmic reason, there is some tension and holding on. So let it be. The blessed news is that no matter which type of hazy fog continues to keep clouding up your mind right now, your mind will eventually find freedom from it…eventually. You can find this freedom at any time by simply stepping back and into your infinite sky-like nature. Every storm always passes through eventually in time.

Ignite the Enlightened Being within YOU!!

 If you look back at your life, you’ll see it. You will notice how every thought-storm you’ve been caught in has at some point passed on by. Sure, you may have been caught in a freezing midnight snowstorm, lost in a dense fog, or trapped in a cyclone of confusion. You may have been in an emotional rainstorm for weeks, months, or perhaps drowning in depression for years. Yet there were always a few moments when the sun poked its rays through.

In one moment, it can happen. In a single instant, you can realize that you are not this weather pattern. You can step back from it all and glimpse a greater truth. Perhaps through laughter, tears, or sweet deep relaxation, you can appreciate your weather pattern and joyfully return to the remembrance that your true nature is always going to be this vast, infinite, and limitless like the sky.

“No rain, no rainbows.” ~Old Hawaiian Saying

Beautiful rainbows in life can only happen because of the rain. Yet, every time we believe a rainbow is permanent, and grasp tight onto it, we start living a lie. This lie then tends to formulate a stuck cloud of energy within us. Over many hours, days, and weeks of accumulation, clouds will gather into weather patterns, create certain climate behaviors which then dominate our mood, desires, intentions and make us believe the entire world is this same climate.

Weather patterns can become thick and make us temporarily blind from seeing the Divine perfection that is everywhere. We get lost in the mind, caught up in the illusions of right and wrong thinking, and miss the true vastness of our infinite eternal sky-like Being. The storm is here to make you more spiritually expansive, so embrace it and face it. Whatever storm is brewing inside you, breathe into it, and allow this awesome fierce force to make you expand into something even bigger.

You have this vast freedom within you already. You can watch your mind obsess about your clouds and then effortlessly let them go. You know whenever you hold on to tightly you’ll suffer. It always happens. When you do suffer, just notice why you are choosing this experience.

Watch what weather patterns are you holding onto that are causing you to build up tension and hang tight onto these specific clouds packed full of energy? What is that wound inside you who makes you think you deserve a spinning hurricane, or a faster cyclone of thought so you feel even more chaotic and ungrounded in your life?

Just watch your holding patterns. See them for what they are. They happen so that you can one day recognize that you also have the freedom to sit back, relax, and observe the sweet glorious sunset from the horizon. You have the choice to sit at the highest peak, above all the clouds and smile as even the biggest cumulonimbus clouds sweetly float below you. You can just stop and realize that you are already free right now.

“The external world is just as much you as anything inside of your skin. You as a human being are a symptom of nature. You are not something that comes into the world, but something that comes out of it.” ~Alan Watts

You think you’re in a constant state of change, yet the essential “you” is without change. It is changeless, timeless, and spacious. Everything around, in and that moves through the sky will change. Yet the sky remains…as it is. So watch these weather patterns of yours closely. Keep your attention clear and see what is it that’s holding onto the weather.

Be like the sky. Allow every cloud to move through you. Feel into your vast infinite nature. It allows every thought, feeling, and experience to effortlessly pass. I dare you to explore this right now. Pretend that you are the sky for the next 15 minutes. Let these next thoughts and feelings pass on through. Do not cling to a single one. If you do cling, notice where you are clinging and why.

We must learn from the sky. We must be willing to see what it has to teach us about ourselves. We must be willing to own those thoughts that seem to “stick” to us and understand why. We must see our patterns and observe how they arise and fall away without forgetting we are this vast consciousness that cannot be enslaved by anything.

Awaken to your Enlightenment!

Awareness is the only thing that will give you back your power. You can LET GO of this wild ephemeral world and allow yourself to experience the vast Being you truly are. This vastness contains the bliss everyone is looking for and ironically it is always available right now.

Fortunately, the winds of consciousness naturally will blow each cloud through. You don’t have to do anything; the winds of Grace will naturally pass every thought through. You truly do not have to do a single thing but relax into your vastness. If your mind starts to avoid or attach itself to any particular thought-form, just notice how some that particular weather pattern begins to accumulate.

“As the mind calms and becomes free of thoughts, we experience quiet in our heart and being. Now we are able to truly pray; to commune with our Creator.”  ~ Susanne Sky

My invitation to you this week is to relax into your most amazing sky-like self who can allow every kind of cloud to pass through. Whatever negative ideas you discover that you have about yourself (or anyone) give them an infinite amount of space. Notice what clouds tend to build and creating those violent lightning bolts of rage. Watch the clouds that create a long dreary foggy afternoon, or a fast bursting rainstorm, or even a wild turbulent hurricane.

It’s amazing when the mind discovers its true vast nature, everything falls away and all you are left with is bliss. You are here to discover your infinite divine nature. You are on a journey to access the boundlessness of your Being.  You are here to drop into your vastness and find total freedom from every type of suffering in this world.

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Jafree Ozwald

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