How to Access your Infinite Sky-Like Self

How to Access your Infinite Sky-Like Self Written by Jafree Ozwald and Margot Zaher   Sometimes your “inner clouds” can get in the way of seeing the vast boundless being you truly are.  Of course there are going to be times in your journey through life where your inner weather becomes deep, dark and dismal, like massive thunderstorms which can hang around for weeks.  Don’t take this personally.  The soul wants to experience all the dualities of life, and this is just an extreme experience.  The blessed news is that no matter which type of clouds are passing through your mind right now; you can find freedom from them by learning how to access your infinite sky-like nature.

Step back from your mind and simply witness these clouds passing through.  Realize that you are as vast and limitless as the infinite sky and they will effortlessly pass on by. You are not some dismal rainstorm, your true nature is infinite, and forgiving like the sky.  If you notice it is always open, yielding, receptive, and ever expansive.  These are qualities of your core essence.  The essential true “you” is without change, while everything around you will change.  Your mind acts often like changing weather patterns, yet keep your attention on what is holding the weather.  Just as the sky allows every cloud to move through it, your vast infinite self allows every thought, feeling, and experience to pass through as well. 

"Look within, see the Self. Then there will be an end of the world and its miseries.”  ~Ramana Maharshi

You have total freedom to let your mind obsess about these clouds… or casually let them go.  If you hold tightly, you’ll notice it causes them to build up energy and form even more powerful compacted storms, spinning hurricanes, and cyclones of chaotic feelings about your life.  Holding patterns happen so that you can one day recognize that you also have the freedom to sit back, relax, and observe everything from the horizon.  From here, even the biggest cumulonimbus clouds can sweetly float by.  Just realize that you are already free right now.  You can let any thought or feeling pass on through your mind, especially if its causing you suffering!  Yet, learn from it, and see what it has to teach you about you.  Watch those thoughts that seem to "stick" to you, yet allow them to rise and fall away from your consciousness without becoming enslaved to them.  This gives you back your power, so that you can LET GO of this wild ephemeral world and allow yourself to experience the vast being you truly are. This vastness contains the bliss everyone is looking for and ironically it is always available.

"It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves and it is not possible to find it elsewhere." ~ Albert Camus

It is only when you become overly attached to a particular thought, feeling, or belief passing by that you experience suffering.  Imagine…what if the sky above somehow put up a road block and trapped every cloud passing by, sticking to the next one and so forth.  Now you know what happened when you feel like you’re living in a massive fog!  Whenever you believe a certain cloud (thought) is more important than your vastness, it will tend to stick.  Fortunately, the winds of your consciousness naturally move and blow each cloud through.   You don’t have to do anything; the winds of Grace will naturally pass them through. However, if your mind starts to avoid or attach yourself to any particular thought, the stormy weather will begin to accumulate. 

"As the mind calms and becomes free of thoughts, we experience quiet in our heart and being. Now we are able to truly pray; to commune with our Creator."  ~ Susanne Sky

So notice which thoughts you typically have about yourself that tend to get stuck and repeat themselves.  Which ones are creating those dreary foggy nights, massive rainstorms, and turbulent hurricanes?  If you continue to believe in these thoughts over the years, the can form into weather patterns and climate behaviors that may make you FEEL super stuck in the world of suffering.  Weather patterns can make you temporarily blind from seeing the Divine perfection you already are, yet the true vastness of your being is always readily available. A wise master once said to be strong like an oak tree, and yet bend like an blade of grass.  This is the best way to face whatever storm is brewing and let it effortlessly pass through you.   "The whole sky of your inner being is without thoughts, without clouds. I call this the state of no-mind." ~ Osho   If you want to see a HUGE shift in your life, choose to discover your sky-like nature.  The guided meditation to Samadhi (below) takes you on a journey to directly access the boundlessness of your being.  When you drop into this vastness, you’ll find total freedom from all suffering in this world.  It’s amazing, when the mind discovers your true vast nature, everything falls away and all you are left with is bliss. If you’d like to have this experience and instantly step into your sky-like self, instantly download our Guided Samadhi Meditation by Clicking Here Now! 

May you revel in the experience of your sky-like nature, Jafree Ozwald and Margot Zaher

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