How to Instantly Enlighten Your Life

How to Instantly Enlighten Your Life

The fool is the one who believes he is not free...

Written by Jafree Ozwald

“When we walk to the edge of all the light we have and take the step into the darkness of the unknown, we must believe that one of two things will happen. There will be something solid for us to stand on, or we will be taught to fly.”  ~Patrick Overton  

A father once asked his daughter after she graduated from high school, “Love, do you know what meditation is?” She looked at him with a smile and said, “Meditation is focusing on the Great Universal Intelligence within you and all around you.” He leaned closer and began to look into her eyes with a deep long gaze. 

Slowly, moving even closer, his big soft blue eyes were gazing deeply into hers. He said nothing and did nothing but look deeply into her eyes. For a moment she began to retreat, feeling like stepping away or pushing back. Then, she understood what he was doing. She took a breath, relaxed deeper into her heart, and felt a very calm peaceful presence inside. This was her graduation day, and his full presence was her gift. 

Her father was teaching her how to be open to each intimate moment, fully receptive to life, even in the uncomfortable moments. Being available to feel this simple soft sweet presence. For him, this is what meditation was all about. 

Awaken the Divine Being sleeping within you!

What is mediation for you? If you sit down to watch your mind, you’ll see one main thing. The mind is always running. Yes, it is always running. It is always on, always moving about in the background. Its wheels are churning and whirling about its desires, past memories, future hopes, new ideas, old beliefs, trying to avoid doubts, etc…  For 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, your mind is constantly working. 

The most interesting thing of all is that the mind thinks it’s making progress. It gauges its progress by how much success it sees in the outer world. Perhaps your life situation is getting worse or better, the mind believes that the circumstances and experiences of the outer world measure your level of success. 

“When we lose the right to be different, we lose the privilege to be free.” ~ Charles Evans Hughes

If you look deeply into the mind, you’ll see that even after it has attained all of its deepest desires and dreams in life, it still continues to be this over-productive machine that does not know how to rest. The mind continues to constantly be busy trying to reach its next goals or avoid some experience it doesn’t want to repeat. It’s either imagining what it’s going to do in the future, or what just happened in the past.  

Awaken the Divine Being sleeping within you!

The mind only functions between two realms; the future and the past. The mind works with what is known or is potentially knowable. It’s too afraid to discover what is really here in the present. It’s worried that if it actually remained in THIS moment, it may feel lost, scared, or confused. 

The truth is that when the mind discovers the present moment it taps into something that is truly amazing. You realize that there is soooo much more to life than what the outer world has to offer.  The realization of how to remain free from the past and future thoughts is the most shocking discovery that might cause some embarrassment for the ego. So the mind tends to return to what it knows. It sticks to what is comfortable and remains in the habit of thinking about the future and past.

Enlightenment can happen at any moment. We can stop being a slave to the mind and live fully in the now, unafraid of the future or the past. We can become aware of the addict within us that is climbing around like a monkey on this tree of addictions. 

Awaken the Divine Being trying to awaken inside of you...

The truth is that you are a highly conscious being already, and you wouldn’t be reading this far into this article if you weren’t. You probably wouldn’t have even signed up for this email list if there wasn’t already some seed of higher awareness growing inside you. 

Of course, many people in this world are completely hypnotized by their minds and caught in a perpetual “thinking trance”. It’s the norm to follow the mind. Wherever the mind goes, you follow it…all day, and all night long. I hope you have entertained the possibility that you can become free from the mind’s grasp. As we become more conscious and aware of the mind, we are less likely to fall back and become lost in its relentless sea of desires

What’s interesting for me is that there is something always inside the mind that is always awake. No matter how many times you get lost in thoughts, the awareness is still there, still watching everything in the background. The awareness is unattached, observing it all, and perceiving it all without the slightest judgment.

Awaken the Divine Being trying to awaken inside of you... 

My invitation for you today is this. Get very curious about this light of awareness that never turns off. Bring all of your awareness to this awareness. Remain patient, relaxed, and at ease in this exploration. This is how to instantly tap into an enlightening experience of life. 

Let yourself simply be aware of that which is never not aware. This my friend will open the door to instant enlightenment. Believe it or not, the more you practice this simple technique, the more you will realize the magnitude of this. Are you ready to dive in and explore what it may be like?

“The real adventure is not outside man; it is found within.” ~ George Eliot 

 I dare you to not pay any attention to the mind for one day of your life. Just ignore it. Let ignoring your thoughts be your practice. Be aware of awareness, and don’t push away thoughts, just ignore them. They are not as brilliant and bright as your spiritual essence. Surrender every part of your being to this experience if you wish to become enlightened. 

Awaken the Divine Being who is unaware that it is Divine

The mind is used to being in control so it’s not going to like your practice at all. It is used to being in charge and it’s all so important thoughts should have priority. So your mind will reject this practice, which you will see within the first few minutes. It does not want you to be free from its grasp. It has created the idea that the problem you need to conquer is out there in the world, not inside you.

Thinking creates less consciousness.

Being creates more consciousness. 

If you want to have a more enlightening experience of your life, simply slow down, and practice letting go of thinking. Stop and drop the mind each time it arises just let it go. It is a very challenging practice, especially since your entire life you have only followed the lead of the mind. So be very patient and very gentle with yourself.

“Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.” ~Joyce Meyer

Perhaps you’ve already started to see that a busy mind is a very dangerous thing. Like a pendulum, your thoughts will keep swinging between happy and sad, joyful and miserable, peaceful and upset.  This is where it goes, and all it knows.  It is afraid to step into the unknowable, and experience what’s beyond its comfort zone; where you just might experience that everything, and everyone, is completely perfect exactly as is.

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When you bring awareness to the fact that you’ve been a slave to this “thinking machine,” life begins to change. Suddenly, you become more obsessed with the present moment. This is such an amazing discovery. Surrendering the mind to the present moment is our golden gateway to enlightenment.  

Although the mind will never be satisfied with anything, as it always desires life to be different, you can train your mind to prioritize freedom. Be aware of your slavery. KNow that freedom is not something that can be attained. It is your very nature. It’s something that you already are, and can only be experienced when you’re fully surrendered to this moment. 

The very moment you surrender your life to being free from the mind, everything becomes crystal clear again. You step into the original mind you had when you were a child which was full of wonder, innocence, and awe. Then, the mind naturally stops trying to survive the battle or win the rat race. Then you begin the real evolution of consciousness and truly awaken the Divine Being hidden inside.

Let the whole world know that you are free from your mind

The greatest bliss is available to you by simply following the natural rhythm from within your soul. This highly awakened and blissful state manifests itself by simply choosing freedom the mind as your goal. Give yourself the gift of liberation today and dive into the unknown.  

“The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise grows it under his feet. ”  ~James Oppenheim

Just for this week, I invite you to open yourself up to experiencing something totally new, exciting, and mysterious! Who knows when death will come, this may be your last week of life so live it large. It is truly up to you if you let yourself open up to experience something completely new. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to find that spiritual source of love inside you again. 

Freedom begins with meeting with that part who remains complacent with your inner “stuckness”. It’s that same part who keeps saying that it doesn’t know how to improve your financial situation, your health, energy, or relationships. This is your day to listen to a new voice, your inner voice that is free from the mind. It’s the real guide that doesn’t have a preference about what you manifest or achieve. It’s your choice right now to listen to your higher self and discover a new version of reality. 

This enlightening state of being is yours to discover today. It’s all about how to stop struggling and start being the Magical Being you truly are! There are a few important things that will empower you, enlighten you, and awaken that sleeping Divine Being within you. Do these things and you’ll FEEL unstoppable in every area of your life. To find out what these essential things are, look inside my Super Manifestor program below…

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Sending lots of enlightening experiences your way, Jafree Ozwald


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