Written by Jafree Ozwald
All my life people have always gotten sick. It was normal to get the flu, sniffles, coughing in the wintertime etc… Now the covid crisis has created with its insidious propaganda a communal undertone of mass paranoia. 
What we’re seeing is generations of suppressed fear around our morality coming out into the public eye. Yes, covid is a real virus, yet it’s currently no more of a threat than SARS MERS or the Epstein-Barr virus. 
Humanity has been SOLD on covid-19 because the covid marketing agency is broadcasting EVERYWHERE as you see it on every news channel, billboard, mall, food store, and website. 
They have created a global paranoia to freak us out and hope we all fall into submission. Because we are soooo terrified of death they can sell us their cure. They don’t want us to see the truth that there’s no scary disease in the air looming over the possibility of getting close to other people. 
They don’t broadcast on every news channel the millions and millions of people who are protesting the Scamdemic in every major city around the world.
Over 1 million people died of tuberculosis in 2019 and this was never advertised like covid was. All the efforts to market more fear are orchestrated by the billionaires who control the media, just to create world panic. They did a fantastic job. You bought the ticket..didn’t you? We all did! 
And they ingeniously censored out all the anti-covid propaganda on Facebook, Wikipedia, and Google so if you search for ANY other viewpoint or truth on covid now you just see it labeled as ‘conspiracy’.  I would be surprised if you’re allowed to read this message right now.
Of course you probably think my words are based on conspiracy yet I have seen hundreds of hours of evidence since March that prove without a doubt that this is all a big massive Scamdemic. 
For you to switch and believe covid is not a threat would make you feel really uncomfortable. You’d have to take the risk to stop trusting those billionaires who are behind the politicians and selling you on the next mandated lockdown. 
You’d have to accept that you were fed lies all this time and feel like a fool for being conned into believing the biggest lie in our history this entire year. We would rather stick to what we know (and everybody knows is real)  than to feel like we were conned and deceived.
Breaking your ‘covid is a threat’ truth/paranoia would destroy your reality about everything you know is ‘true’ in the world right now. So it’s safer for your ego to stick to the known and what the masses also believe as this creates a sense of belonging. Your reality says yes there are people fighting Covid in the hospitals and dying right now. This is the truth!!
Yes it’s always safer living amongst the scared sheeple than to be a lone wolf. Everyone believes the threat is real and so you better too!! 
You better stay indoors, be safe, be a good citizen, and protect yourself with a good mask… and do not ever get close or become intimate (God forbid) with another human being!! Stay distant from everyone for your own protection!!
On the other hand, you could have the strength to be free from the mass paranoia consciousness. It’s ok if you don’t. Perhaps paranoia is your new comfortable norm and you’re just used to it by now. 
Just remember before you die that fearlessness is the only path to total freedom, that is if you decide to jump on a really radical liberating spiritual path again…
Let your heart’s truth decide what your future self will be. Will you choose to live from a space of logical fear or be irrational and come back to trusting in trust? 
Maybe a better question is…Are you ever going to be able to let the fear of covid go before THEY say it’s ok and safe now?
Can you even imagine touching or hugging a stranger in public and smile fearlessly as they come closer to you? 
Will you never be able to truly feel safe in your body in public spaces again and fall courageously into the unknown until THEY proclaim and advertise it’s no longer a threat? 
You decide in the end what ‘reality’ is for you. You decide when covid ends. 
I have seen too much evidence. I know too much and cannot wear a mask. I feel it’s totally ridiculous to live such a suppressed controlled life. It’s suicidal. 
It’s your choice if you want to be in a fear prison for the next 12 years of your life or find freedom again. Yes, they can make the Scamdemic propaganda could last until 2032!!
When will enough be enough??
It’s sad, yet they are never going to stop advertising that covid is a threat. Not until the masses stop being afraid. 
I know you are a Lion in this mass herd of sheep. You are bigger and brighter than fear. Let your soul decide (not your mind) how long you want to relate to your community and live like a prisoner of covid? 
I hope you fight for freedom instead of ‘safety’. 
God Bless You!! 

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