The 3 Secrets to Enlightened Sex

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The 3 Secrets to Enlightened Sex

By Jafree Ozwald

“Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.” ~ Rumi

From the very beginning of humanity, sex has been the most natural way to discover our spiritual connection with the Divine. The endorphins released after orgasm instantly send the body into a euphoric state of bliss where the egoic mind is no longer achieving, scheming or efforting to fulfill the demands, dreams and goals of the ego. Through this orgasmic release and spiritual communion with the Divine, the deepest state of trust, love and relaxation is experienced. It is from this space where we can find a true feeling of absolute unshakable inner peace.

The first step is to remove all assumptions, beliefs and judgments around what Enlightened Sex looks like. Start with a blank slate, it’s the best way to dive in. When we reach this open mind feeling, we are ready to explore the experience of a state of pure bliss. By freeing your mind right now from any assumptions or judgments about yourself, your partner or this process that arise, you are inviting in a more expanded state of enlightened consciousness. This beckons a truly spiritual awakening where you and your partner can create a continual sensual moment together, where every breath you share, roots your relationship together in the most enlightened and intimate way.

“Turn within and you will become free and liberated, because it’s all a dream.”  ~Robert Adams

My 3 Sacred Secrets to Enlightened Sex are an invitation to open your heart, enlighten your consciousness and liberate your soul from our society’s sexual suppression. If you have any form of sexual invasion, betrayal or abuse from your past, it may be challenging at first to initiate this journey into Enlightened Sex. My suggestion for you is to go very slowly, be gentle with yourself, and continue inviting in more trust in the process because with time everything heals, and anything is possible if you remain having an open mind and heart.

So right now, I invite you to keep an open mind, for you are about to combine and transcend two of the most controversial topics in the world, “Enlightenment” and “Sex”. This melting and merging of these seemingly opposite contradictory subjects, will open you to discovering the vast free spirit dwelling inside your being. Are you ready to explore the sacred spiritual aspects of making love with your partner? This is an experience of deep transformation inside your being, where each moment can feel as if you are about to die in a cosmic orgasm, and be reborn with the most ecstatic healing experience of your life!

“You cannot be truthful if you are not courageous. You cannot be loving if you are not courageous. You cannot be trusting if you are not courageous. You cannot enter into reality if you are not courageous. Hence courage comes first… and everything else follows.” -Osho

Enlightened Lovemaking is learning how to communicate from a place of deep vulnerability, radical honesty, and total devotion with your partner. Only through a process of being truly open and vulnerable, can you reveal what’s holding you back from being present to your beloved. In vulnerability, the heart opens, softens
The practice of reaching out to your beloved with an open honest vulnerable heart, allows the Divine to enter and the spiritual connection to come flooding in. The egoic walls start crumbling down when you choose in each moment to dive deeper into intimacy, and release this over-protecting habit of defending and upholding your ego.

Vulnerability is about extending yourself beyond what you feel is your “comfort zone”. This means you must go beyond the neediness of your ego and come from the real confidence of your relaxed, surrendered, cosmic soul. It’s about opening up all the doors with your partner. Talking about whatever you cannot talk about, as this will open the door to real intimacy with each other. If you cannot open up to your beloved, who can you truly open up to? When a couple can experience total honesty, authenticity and vulnerability on a verbal communication level, it causes all the deeper doors to open on the sensual, sexual and orgasmic levels.

Practice daily Tantric Exercises together to increase your energy, connection and consciousness. These are deep, heart opening and super simple fun ways to discover the Divine within yourself and your beloved. Practicing tantra begins with allowing yourself to totally relax, release all your stress, problems and concerns so you can dissolve and be in a state of absolute bliss with your partner. The process starts with surrendering to the stuckness happening between you both, while feeling into vulnerability around this, while you continue to relax into the love that you have for each other. It’s a sacred time where you both consciously devote yourselves to discovering the alive connection you already have with the Divine.

One simple tantric exercise you can do is to sit or lie down as close as possible to each other for 15-20 minutes of deep breathing and soul gazing. This is having soft eyes, a gentle open heart, and touching each others skin in a way that allows you both to melt the apparent boundaries between you. On the exhalation you are making a sound of letting go of all resistance, fear, or any stuckness that arises inside.

The practice is to have a deeper looking beyond their personality into their soul and is by far the greatest way to create a long lasting loving relationship. There are several few ways to tell if you’re in an ego-based or soul-based relationship in my article about How to Manifest a Soul Based Relationship. If you do this one practice on a daily basis for just 3 weeks and even if you were just about to have a horrific divorce, you can turn it around and manifest the most amazing reborn alive and deeply connected tantric relationship that you can imagine!

“Remember the two maxims of Tantra, ‘One must rise by that by which one falls, and the very poison that kills becomes the elixir of life when used by the wise.” ~Swami Nikhilananda

Always go as slow and deep into the experience as you possibly can. The slower you can go, the more juicy, rich and ecstatic the experience can become. Slowing down is the best way to create the most safe and loving space with your partner and also within yourself. When we are rushing through any experience in life, we are missing out. We cannot fully taste the succulent depth of life if we are hurrying through it. Slowing down starts with choosing to be emotionally, physically and mentally relaxed, allowing everything to be as it is, and choosing to explore a state of timelessness inside you, or feeling that an infinity all around you. Only when you feel that you have all the time in the world, can you find God.

This slow conscious approach to connecting in intimacy with each other allows for full creative expression. This allows you to explore your sexuality in any way that you choose. As you adventure into new territory always practice  accepting and appreciating yourself just as you are, no matter how your partner reacts. Whenever we are being fully self expressed, there may be some things that might initially shock your partner, which later will turn into excitement. So be patient with your partner and always come from a place of vulnerability, authenticity and honesty. With these 3 pillars you cannot fail.

Lastly, it’s good to know that the more we can let go of our past, honor and respect our partner for who and what they are, and never hide anything from them, in time we will naturally dive deep into each others soul and rise in the greatest love, joy and ecstasy. The path of enlightened sex is an amazing one to follow and it requires a fierce love that is like none other. Enjoy your journey and as I mentioned before, always always always be gentle with yourself.

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From this open and free heart space you will then be guided to connect with your soul mate in your inner world.  Your heart will be fully open and shine it’s radiance, making you a manifesting magnet for your soul mate!  By healing the energy around your heart you’ll experience a dramatic shift in your ability to attract your soul mate to you!  Get ready to transform your love life completely!!


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Anyone can transform the relationships in their love life with these powerful manifesting meditations. You can even create a super enlightening and erotic tantric experience with your partner! The first step is to start activating your Kundalini shakti energy at the base of your spine. This ancient divine energy will bring you into direct connection with the Goddess within her and the God within you. There are many Tantra techniques that will awaken your Kundalini and allow you to experience yourself (and the whole world) as the Divine Loving energy it truly is.

One of the most powerful techniques can be found in this guided meditation to awaken your Kundalini (below). This gentle flowing experience will allow you to open up your charkas and truly explore the energy within you. You will discover this powerful sexual aliveness when your Kundalini becomes activated! The energy can transmute all pain into pleasure and all sickness into healing. It is the key to unlock the door to your greatest possible enlightening experiences in this life. Would you like to awaken your Kundalini so that you have the most profound orgasmic lovemaking with your partner this week? Get ready to awaken your Kundalini so that you have the most profound orgasmic lovemaking with your partner this week!

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Sex and relationships are a very big topic, and there’s a lot to be said. I’ve written more enlightening articles below that will help you in creating enlightened relationships with everyone in your life. When a couple is focused on having a deep intimate connection, they are allowing for the direct experience of the other to enter them. It is through this intimacy that a profound healing occurs. The ego releases its habit of imprisoning you and you are truly free. As this sacred intimate connection deepens, it heals the entire individual, and radiates throughout the community. Energetically speaking, one whole couple in love and deep intimacy can provide a light of wholeness for the entire community to follow. Just click on the links to read more below…enjoy!

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Get ready to live a fully open enlightened life!

Jafree Ozwald

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