The 3 Secrets to Instantly Enlighten your Relationships

The 3 Secrets to Instantly Enlighten your Relationships

Do you want to manifest an unusually enjoyable holiday with your family, friends, and relatives this holiday season?  The following are two of the greatest secrets you’ll find for creating amazing relationships in your life.   You can create a divine and powerful relationship with ANYONE, no matter how stuck and wounded your connection is.

Since life can naturally bring up arguments and personal issues, see it as a time to practice creating more enlightening relationships.  Apply these actions to the people in your life and you’re guaranteed to create an empowering relationship that you can truly enjoy!

Secret #1  Constantly reframe your mind to focus on what you LIKE or LOVE about the other.  Instead of trying to change them or think about how you could make them better, appreciate them for who and what they truly are. This attitude of gratitude instantly opens their heart and mind to you and creates a bridge of connection that makes your communication, connection, and chemistry better.

Secret #2  Remember that nobody has the power over you to MAKE YOU FEEL or THINK anything you don’t want to.  You are truly FREE!  Know that you are 100% responsible for what you are experiencing in each new moment.  You can always choose inner peace, laughing, lightness, and freedom.  Joy, laughter and happiness in any relationship is always a choice.

Secret #3  Honor those parts of yourself that you don’t want to see in the mirror. The other is your mirror and guide to understanding yourself more deeply. Your relationship is a reflection of how you feel about yourself. If you are not in love with yourself, that energy will show up in your connection with the other. If you are at peace with yourself, you will see the other deepen and soften in more inner calmness and peacefulness.

Don’t wait forever for your ideal or the perfect partner to show up! Jump into a deep intimate connection even if your heart is wounded. We are all wounded in some way or another, and creating connection with another human being is how we heal these wounds. We are not meant to be such lone wolves living in isolated caves addicted to our phones. We thrive when we are connected to each other physically, sexually, and intimately. Creating distance and avoiding this is the cause of all of our pain and suffering as human beings.

The first step to see actual results is to visualize yourself experiencing them in an imaginary future situation.  Imagine that this special person you’ve been having a challenging time with is standing in the room with you and start thinking about 2-3 things that you can appreciate about him/her.  As you dig up a few things, let your body soften, relax and truly feel these aspects are TRUE about this person.

Give it a few moments to sink into your cells, then visualize them walking over to you to give you a big THANK YOU HUG!  Look into their eyes and see their eyes are soft, relaxing and appreciating you.  Notice how quickly your judgments and walls of defense melt away.  The next time you see this person in real life, notice how your relationship already feels lighter, freer and at ease.

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Many blessings,
Jafree Ozwald

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