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The 4 Steps to Experience the Ultimate Hug

By Jafree Ozwald www.EnlightenedBeings.com “Whatsoever you come across is God.  You, the people you love, and people you hate, are all manifestations of God. The moment one recognizes that all as one, love arises on its own accord.” ~Osho In 1996, I decided to break free from all of the […]

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Connect Deeply with Your Beloved

Written by Jafree Ozwald www.EnlightenedBeings.com “We have two choices: continue to blame the world for our stress or take responsibility for our own reactions and deliberately change our emotional climate.” ~ Doc Childre and Howard Martin Would you like to feel more deeply connected to your beloved and all of […]

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Top 10 Ways To Bring Spirit Into Your Relationships

By Jafree Ozwald and Avalon De Witt www.EnlightenedBeings.com Whether you want to deepen your marriage, attract your soulmate, or just get along better with your partner, it always helps when you bring Spirit into your relationships.  Many times we get caught up in “taking care of business” in relationships and […]

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The 3 Secrets to Instantly Enlighten your Relationships

Do you want to manifest an unusually enjoyable holiday with your family, friends, and relatives this holiday season?  The following are two of the greatest secrets you’ll find for creating amazing relationships in your life.   You can create a divine and powerful relationship with ANYONE, no matter how stuck and […]


What is Tantra

The Enlightened Path of Tantra Tantra is not about sex or spiritual sexuality, this is a very small piece of what tantra is about. The ancient Sanskrit definition of Tantra means, no book or direct experience. Tantra is the intimate connection with the Divinity within ourselves and in everything around […]


How to Manifest a Blissful Soul-Based Relationship

Are you currently living in an ego-based or soul-based relationship? The chart below will help you determine to what degree you are currently operating from a soul-based perspective or are coming from Ego. Take a moment to read through each section and notice which side you tend to fall. Be […]