What is Tantra

What is Tantra

The Enlightened Path of Tantra

The ancient art of tantra is much bigger than sacred sex, it connects us to the divine essence of our spiritual relationship with God.

Tantra is not about sex or spiritual sexuality, this is a very small piece of what tantra is about. The ancient Sanskrit definition of Tantra means, no book or direct experience. Tantra is the intimate connection with the Divinity within ourselves and in everything around us.

Tantra is a way of living life. It is looking at a sunset and breathing the beauty into your heart and soul. It is the soft touch of a flower petal sensually caressing your skin. It is this very breath you’re breathing now, allowing the air to sensually awaken you, open your heart and relax your body deeply.

Tantra is the oldest and most powerful spiritual practice known in history. It is natural practical, orgasmic experience of living day to day life. We were all born out of an orgasm and we will die in this orgasmic state. It is our original nature to experience this Divine state, through this highly sensitive sensual sexual body.

When you look at everything that Tantra actually is, it can be quite challenging to describe because it is so vast and multi-dimensional. I’ve found the best way to unravel it is to open your mind to that space of consciousness which is into merging with what is. It is saying YES to what is in front of you, inside of you and all around you right now! It is an opening of the heart to the breath, heartbeat and aliveness of the all intelligent loving Universe.

The tantric path is often discovered when someone spends lots of time in peaceful solitude, or when two intimate lovers open their hearts and souls to each other in devotion and ecstasy. When the heart opens to life fully, the mind quiets down and the being takes root to discover a spiritual exploration of the Enlightened Being that we truly are.

One of the highest peak to reach on the tantric path is to feel the Divine within ourselves and each other through sensual touch and sexual intercourse. The cosmic spiritual orgasm is the peak of the Tantric Love Life and the highest spiritual experience one can attain with another being.

The purposes of Tantra are not just about orgasm, there are many divine benefits. Tantra works to heal the entire individual on a deep emotional, mental and even physical level. It can also heal the planet as this energy radiates throughout the community who will have a visceral energetic response to the wholeness, love and unification of the couple. Tantra creates a way to communicate with others from a fearlessness, which allows true authenticity to be felt and heard. Tantra also gives birth to the most enlightened children. Who grow up in a home where sexuality is not condemned yet revered as a real doorway to God.

The path of spiritual sexuality is very real a and very amazing. The purpose of human life is to discover the divine enlightened being within. By creating a sacred ritual with your partner on a daily basis, you have to work through the many blocks and darkness from your childhood that are needing to be healed. This shift will spiritually awaken you to find the most dynamic loving sexual healing experience of your life!

Start with learning the 3 Sacred Secrets of Tantra and practice them daily. These will bring you into direct connection with the Goddess within her and the God within you.

Tantra is the ultimate exploration of the Divine Presence within yourself and the other. It is a release of your mind and ego into the cosmic orgasm that is happening in the Universe. No other experience comes even remotely close in this world to the levels of bliss, connection and peace with another human being. Through stepping into a radical vulnerability you can reveal what’s holding you back from being present to your beloved. Here, the subtle bodies soften and together you will create a divine experience for yourself and your lover.

It is important to know that Tantric Intimacy does not always have to engage in sexual penetration. An orgasmic Tantra experience can be as simple as a long deep heart felt hug, or gazing into your beloved eyes. There are many Tantra techniques that will awaken your Kundalini and allow you to experience yourself (and the whole world) as the Divine Loving energy it truly is. The key is to awaken the Kundalini which you can explore in our Kundalini Meditation online.

If you’d like personal support in taking this first step into a tantric healing life, I am here to guide you.

To start learning how to practice a few sacred Tantric techniques in the bedroom, reserve your spot in our next Tantric Workshop coming up!

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