The Enlightened Pendulum

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The Enlightened Pendulum

 By Jafree Ozwald

“When the violin can stop worrying about the future, it will become such a drunk laughing nuisance that God will then lean down and start combing you into his hair.” ~ Hafiz

Life is always teaching us what we most need to know.  Sometimes it provides us with negative experiences so that we learn how to deepen, soften and let go, while other times we receive positive experiences so we remember how sacred every breath and heartbeat truly are.  If you look closely at your life, you’ll notice that there is and has always been a constant swinging from a positive to negative life experience, and then back again. This eternal pendulum swing is there for one very divine reason, so that you learn how to be free from both extremes, and are forced to discover the deeply creative all powerful manifesting being you truly are.

As we naturally grow and mature in life, we realize that our problems cannot be solved by changing the outer world.  We see that our real issues shift by diving into our inner world, reaching towards our true center, where we can clearly see how each “problem” is an opportunity for greater enlightenment and transformation.  We all signed up to ascend into higher levels of consciousness.  When we accept this as truth we can let go of playing the role of the hero, victim or perpetrator in our lives. This enables us to truly enjoy the natural swing of life’s pendulum, and we can fall deeper into this enjoyment as long as we continue to breathe.

The more deeply we breathe, the more we drop our mind chatter, and the easier it is to connect with the divine consciousness at the center of our being. It is here that we find our real power to choose how we wish to relate and respond to each pendulum swing.  We can sit back and observe how our mind may try to control the pendulum, avoid it, ignore it, or simply accept it is happening.

When we surrender and accept it, we can decide to transcend it completely.  Then, we are no longer slaves to the good and bad occurrences of this crazy world.  Only abiding at the center of our being can we remember that we are the ultimate authority of our reality. This is where our true freedom is, and it becomes obvious that we manifest is purely determined by where and what we are focusing our attention on.

 To find everlasting peace with the pendulum, we must learn to trust in it.  Life has scheduled in these pivotal extremes so that we stop clinging to it all and learn how to see the grand unfoldment of our soul’s journey. Every high and low extreme is designed to crack our hearts and minds wide open so that we surrender to our highest power and know without a doubt that it’s possible to manifest anything we want.  The great pendulum swing summons our soul to reach all the way inwards until we are living and breathing a spiritual life. We really don’t want anything less than this, we want it all. It is from rooting ourselves in our spiritual journey that our consciousness blossoms, making each day more amazing than the last.

The real growth of our spiritual path in life comes from feeling into what’s uncomfortable.  Our pain pushes us to reach deeper inside until we are beyond the reach of the pendulum swing and can find the silent stillness that is at the unmoving core of our being.  This stillness is our real teacher in life.  It shows us that happiness is not all about getting what we think we want.

It’s not about controlling the low swing, remaining in the middle, or staying at the high point.  Real happiness comes from knowing we are already truly free.  We are free from the ever-changing pendulum and whatever painful extreme it may move into.  This freedom feeling is like taking a bath in the eternal fountain of youth, where we naturally recognize our true enlightened nature, that always was, and will always be beyond it all.

 “How can the Eternal Self have attachments? It is always pure, untainted and unattached. It is always opening, experiencing presence. You are pure Reality. You are the imperishable Self. You were never born, you never did prevail, and you’ll never die. You are the One. The all-pervading One. The only work is to just drop into what is.” ~Robert Adams

It’s good to know that we were born to experience an initial clinging to life, yet we were not meant to hold onto this clinging forever.  If we are getting wrapped up in the drama of our lives, trapped in a negative emotion or heavy thought pattern, we are just overly identified with our mind. We’ve forgotten we are more than just a body and ego identity.  We are an eternal soul that will live forever. This world is made of energy, information, and intelligence that is always changing.

Whenever we get stuck, fixated or hooked on any one thing, idea, or expectation, we get hooked into the illusion and this adds extra weight to our pendulum.  Our pendulum becomes “spring loaded” and when we hit an extreme it then catapults back the opposite direction to reach an even further extreme. The only way to transcend this perpetual intensity and annoying repetition is to return to the stillness at the center, that is at our core beyond the mind.

When we drop deep inside and become super vigilant with our thoughts, we’ll be able to see and feel the pendulum swing coming before it actually happens.  We notice the minds preference towards having to have only a positive experience and not a negative one.  Again, the more attached we become the more we suffer in the swing.  The next time this occurs just try to become aware of the experience without becoming identified with the experience.

For example, the mind might say, “Ahhh because this has manifested now my life is truly good, or since this just happened now my life is horrible.”  This is how the mind gets hooked by the play of life and the divine pendulum swing.  Don’t get hooked by the judgmental mind.  Instead just notice what was it that hooked you, and trust the momentum will soon swing in the opposite direction the very moment you relax, breathe and let go.

“Stop imagining yourself being or doing this or that and the realization that you are the source and heart of all will dawn on you.” ~ Nisargadatta Maharaj

For the next 24 hours, I invite you to partake in a little enlightening experiment.  Pay attention to your inner pendulum.  Dedicate one full day of your life to watching it move.  Start with noticing where you think you are at on the pendulum swing right now.  Are you at a high point in your life, down in the dumpsters, or stuck flat in the middle?  Take one giant step back from your life and welcome a larger perspective on reality. You’ll soon see that it doesn’t matter so much where your pendulum is temporarily at, yet more important is how you are relating to it, and who you are defining yourself to be from this assessment. The moment to moment practice of watching your pendulum will help you discover what it’s like to reach your natural enlightened state.

Be gentle with yourself on this journey as it truly requires a completely quiet open mind to see all of life with clear non-judgmental eyes. Be aware when you notice yourself judging others or yourself, as this means you’re about to get hooked into thinking that you are this one high or low experience.  You are not just anyone life experience, you are them all!  Remain the detached watcher and calm witnesser as much as you can with your mind, just so that own this greater truth. Then your entire day becomes a journey to liberation.  The pendulum will swing on its own from high to low, and as you watch, you always remain free.  You can then be free from all insecurity and fear, because you know life’s pendulum in time will swing back into security and confidence, again and again.

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Sending lots of enlightening love and awareness your way,

Jafree Ozwald

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