The Steps to Manifest your Dream Life

The Steps to Manifest your Dream Life
By Jafree Ozwald
“Every intention sets energy into motion. Whether you are conscious of it or not.” ~ Gary Zukav

Have you ever wondered why some people just thrive in life, and everything they touch turns to success while others are always just getting by?  No matter what happens, these people tend to always remain happy, at the top of their class, and successful, while the others seem to be perpetually challenged by it all? Some may say its luck, genetics, or perhaps are blaming somebody else for their situation. The real truth is that the difference between those who are attracting their dreams, and those who are constantly challenged by life, is the level of their “Manifesting Vibration”.

What is a Manifesting Vibration?  It is the level of energy and consciousness you’re radiating out into the world, integrated with your ability to get out of the way and receive that which your heart truly desires.  We are all born powerful manifesting beings, its just that some remember this fact while others have forgotten it.  When you own the fact that whatever you focus your attention on, is what grows and expands in your life, you take that first step towards increasing your Manifesting Vibration. 

.  There really are no coincidences in this world. Nothing is by chance. Everything you are experiencing is a manifestation of where you have been focusing your thoughts, feelings, intention and vibration. You are naturally a manifesting machine who is always creating SOMETHING in your life. There is nothing you can do to turn off this manifesting power. You can simply learn how to increase your consciousness, raise your vibration, and redirect your thoughts towards the direction of your life’s greatest dreams.

 “Open your eyes and look within. Are you satisfied with the life you’re living?” ~Bob Marley

Your body and mind act like a powerful radio tower that is constantly transmitting new signals out into the Universe. Every thought you think, and every feeling you entertain becomes your frequency.  This vibration is what determines how “successful” you are with what you want to do, be and have manifested in your life.  When you start accessing those deeper parts of your brain that know how to focus your attention (and intention) ONLY on thinking and feeling positive, you increase your vibration and open the door to creating whatever your heart desires.  Yet, manifesting is not just all about positive thinking…its more effortless than that. It’s about a deeper understanding of how intimately connected you are to everyone and everything. Below are 3 steps that will help you manifest your dream life…enjoy!

STEP #1   Increase Your Flow of Positive Joyful Energy.  Our outer world is a mirror reflection of our inner world is at.  When you are feeling positive, joyful and full of energy, your outer world will match this shift in the form of an increased bank account, improved relationships, greater energy, and more inspirational thoughts and feelings. When your inner world is jazzed and inspired, your outer world on some level must start reflecting that experience back to you. The world is like a mirror, always reflecting your thoughts, feelings, attitude and where you’re placing your attention.

STEP #2   Own the Fact that You Are a Powerful Manifesting Being.  If you do not see that you are constantly manifesting everything that shows up (or doesn’t show up) in your life, then you are not taking advantage of this powerful manifesting vehicle you’re living in. Make the choice right now to start owning this awesome power inside you.  You can take your power back by seeing how you are the one in charge of where you are directing your mind’s attention in each moment.  If you should find your mind getting caught in old habits of worry, fear, scarcity, confusion, frustration, neediness or desperation, don’t pay attention to it!  If you cannot stop and feel you are addicted, then you need to strengthen your connection to Source.  Are you open to seeing and diving into the unlimited manifesting potentiality within you?  If yes, you have just started to transform your life on the deepest levels. The real question here is what are you going to do the next 3 months of your life so you’re living at highest possible energy and positivity?  

STEP #3   Practice Being Positive About your Dream Life. Whenever you are unconsciously attracting negative outcomes, it simply means you are not spending time focusing and visualizing the positive outcome you desire.  You may have been told too many times that you were not good enough, worthless, or pathetic and so you may still have these negative voices penetrating your mind.  This inner negativity is stopping you from creating your dream life!  To instantly ignite your life in a positive direction this week, experiment with doing two simple things. Always be vigilantly aware of what your mind is focusing on, and don’t give the negative voices ANY energy.  To assist you with this you’ll want to raise your vibration by following the 8 Habits Manifesting Routine found in my online Super Manifesting Program! This online experience gives you ALL the greatest manifesting secrets you’ll ever need to catapult your life in the direction of your dreams.  It’s good to know that all your old destructive thought patterns and negative feelings will simply fall away when you are living at a higher vibration. 

 “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” ~Albert Einstein.

Life does not have to be a perpetual challenge. When you are naturally overflowing with joy, gratitude, love, freedom and trust, you can ONLY attract positive situations and outcomes into your life!  That’s because a divine experience will be all your new manifesting mindset will be able to perceive!  Living at this higher state of consciousness will totally transform everything inside and outside of you.  You will naturally create all the success you want in life and magnetize people who love you, and this will lift your vibration up even higher!  You deserve to know how to transcend any financial limitations or energetic stuck place that you may be facing. 

We have many enlightening tools and a dozen manifesting meditations that will strengthen your mind and teach you the exact steps to take to manifest your dream life! for 90 days in a row, you will watch your relationships, health, money, sex life, spiritual connection and happiness levels SKYROCKET to the next level!  This online program is ROCK SOLID and 100% GUARANTEED to work!  Hundreds of thousands of people from over 65+ countries around the world have experienced the empowering effects found in our Manifesting Materials.

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Have an amazing week!
Jafree Ozwald

“There are no accidents or coincidences in this world. Nothing is by chance. Everything you’re experiencing is a direct manifestation of where you’re focusing your energy, attention, and consciousness.” ~ Jafree Ozwald

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