The World’s Top Manifestation Mentors on Audio!

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I was recently interviewed to be in a new audio book series that just came out called, "Conversations with the World’s Top Manifestation Mentors."

There are 14 of the world’s top manifesting mentors that were handpicked around the world to be interviewed for this amazing audio collection about manifesting.  Everyone interviewed has their own personal experience to share about manifesting, and offer some powerful insights about what manifesting is and how it works.  It’s something definitely worth experiencing.  There are 14 one hour conversations which contain a ton of information about learning these mentors secrets how to manifest exactly what you want in your life.

For more information about this "Desktop Manifestation Portal" visit:

To listen to Jafree speak about manifesting in a 10 minute post interview visit: Manifest Your Dream Life  

Many blessings to you,
Jafree   Get ready to become a Manifesting Magnet!!

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