Month: June 2013

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The Soul Is Never Tired

The Soul Is Never Tired   Written by Jafree Ozwald  “When you want nothing, seek nothing, expect nothing, then the Supreme State will come to you uninvited and unexpected.” ~ Nisargadatta An infinite source of energy is all around you right now.  You may not be aware of it, because […]

Enlightening Inspiration

Desperation Is Not An Aphrodisiac

Desperation Is Not An Aphrodisiac  By Jafree Ozwald  “You are given the gifts of the gods, you create your reality according to your beliefs.  Yours is the creative energy that makes your world. There are no limitations to the self except those you believe in.” ~ Seth The Universe […]

Enlightening Inspiration

11 Reasons Why Life is Awesome

11 Reasons Why Life Is Awesome!  Written by Jafree Ozwald “Know that the Self is the rider, the body the chariot, the intellect the charioteer, and the mind is the reins.  The senses, say the wise, are the horses and the roads they travel are the mazes of desire. […]