Month: December 2014

Enlightening Inspiration

How to Heal the Planet through Sex

How to Heal the Planet Through Sex   Written by Jafree Ozwald “The more sexual a person is, the more inventive and intelligent they are. With less sex energy, less intelligence exists because sex is such a deep exploration. It reveals everything that is hidden.” ~Osho One of the […]

Enlightening Inspiration

The Awesome Power of Forgiveness

The Awesome Power of Forgiveness  Written by Jafree Ozwald and Margot “If we really want to love, we must learn how to forgive.” ~Mother Theresa One of the most powerful things you can do is master the art of forgiveness. If you are carrying a grudge against anybody, whether […]

Enlightening Inspiration

The Golden Heart Chakra Meditation

The Golden Heart Chakra Meditation   Written by Jafree Ozwald   “If you take the responsibility for your life you can start changing it. Slow will be the change, only in the course of time will you start; moving into the world of light and crystallization, but once you are […]